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Synonyms for anatomize

Synonyms for anatomize

to separate into parts for study

Synonyms for anatomize

dissect in order to analyze


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analyze down to the smallest detail

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Previous historians of medicine, says Park, focused on "the motivations and actions of one type of knower, the learned physician or surgeon, and on one type of human cadaver, the executed criminal, to whom this sort of dissection was limited by statute and custom." In contrast, Park looked in Chiara's convent and in patrician Florentine homes, where physicians anatomized women who had died in childbirth.
Some historians would tell this story as a simple one of social disciplining--the fear of being anatomized after death working as a deterrent to crime but also as a stick to beat proper behavior (industry for the poor, chastity for young women) into the heads of the lower orders.
By focusing on the exterior, ethnographers inculcated in readers the practice of racial, colonizing, and consumerist gazing that had long been performed at slave auctions--the instantaneous specularization of black body parts that reduces whole people to anatomized images of mute primitiveness, salable powerlessness, and brute animality.
We get as close as we are ever likely -- or might wish -- to seeing the dissection from the point of view of the anatomized cadaver, following the route the cadaver took and the rituals it underwent from gibbet to dissecting table.
For this reason, I am less confident than Diehl is that the tragedies she analyses could 'successfully demystify and contain their own dazzling spectacles and flamboyant theatricality', and that 'displays of magic, haunting visions, enchanted images, seductive women, exotic strangers; eventually all are anatomized, exposed as fraudulent, rendered impotent, and discarded, their power to enthrall exhausted' (p.
Psychologically detailed characterization in Clarissa arises less from Clarissa as anatomized pathetic object and rather more from Clarissa as feeling subject.
(In the case of Ockeghem's Requiem, only the Hilliard Ensemble (EMI CDC 7 49213 2) and Pro Cantione Antiqua (Archiv 415 293-2) offer credible alternatives.) Christopher Page has recently anatomized the received notions informing this new contenance angloise (EM, XXI/3 (Aug 1993), pp-452-7l) - above all, the emphasis on a homogeneous choral sound with minimal vibrato and a general tendency to |under-interpretation'.
Yet he makes no effort to render his approach acceptable or even intelligible to literary theorists--for Richard Kuhns doesn't mean by |tragedy' what a modern literary scholar means, or what Aristotle anatomized in the Poetics.
With such huge and garish violations of the spirit and letter of the Constitution as, say, the negation of the power of the purse (and the innumerable major and minor cuts anatomized by Theodore Draper in his book A Very Thin Line), who should care about trifles?
Even nostalgia itself is codified and anatomized: Witness, for example, how the phenomenon of "Ostalgie," or nostalgia for life in the former East Germany, has been cross-examined in exhibitions and essays.