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Synonyms for anatomize

Synonyms for anatomize

to separate into parts for study

Synonyms for anatomize

dissect in order to analyze


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analyze down to the smallest detail

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With mere words he anatomized melancholy, decoded the culture of a color, and laid out a way of thinking about our immediate and mostly mad universe, in one fell philosophical swoop.
Stukenbrock adroitly portrays the moment when the corpse arrived to be anatomized as almost paradigmatic (rather like an anatomical cockfight) where the many agencies and interest groups involved--magistrates, legal codes, university administrations, medical professors, eager students, poor relief agencies, clergymen, and, of course, the people who became anatomical raw materials--came together.
Still, one might justifiably ask to what extent the anatomized female body of these texts was in any sense real.
285), a system that de Tocqueville anatomized in its purest version in the former English colonies in North America.
The award-winning Canadian installation, The Paradise Institute, by George Bures Miller and Janet Cardiff, presented a miniature cinema experience which brilliantly anatomized the film-going experience.
We get as close as we are ever likely -- or might wish -- to seeing the dissection from the point of view of the anatomized cadaver, following the route the cadaver took and the rituals it underwent from gibbet to dissecting table.
After sampling, the rats were anatomized and their ovaries were removed from the abdomen and after removal of fats, the weight of ovarian was measured by Japanese digital scale with precision of 0/001 g and after washing with saline, they were transferred into 10% formalin and after various stages of stabilization, dewatering with ethanol, transparency, molding, tissue sections were prepared and cut to 5 microns thickness and were stained with hematoxylin-Eosin dye.
Last time around, I anatomized the curious discourse of the old soaps, in which characters typically spoke at - rather than to - each other, often at a snail's pace, the better to fill vacant script space.
The result is a series of juxtaposed cultural happenings, often brilliantly anatomized, ranging from specific Renaissance paintings to Shakespeare's later mixed-genre, tragicomic--and hence "grotesque"--plays that thereby comfort viewers in visualizing things otherwise beyond empirical demonstration.
Gurney is the dramatist of late 20th-century WASP America, and in such plays as The Dining Room, The Cocktail Hour, and Love Letters, he has anatomized the gentle decline of that imposing group whose mores once determined America's social norms.
In her striking essay" 'HOO, HOO, HOO': Some Episodes in the Construction of Modern Male Whiteness," Rachel Blau DuPlessis has anatomized this seemingly "meaningless sound or inarticulate syllable" as it is repeated in the works of Vachel Lindsay, Wallace Stevens, and T.
If Don DeLillo's Underworld anatomized the end of the Cold War's fraught dialectic, then a number of recent novels have traced the imaginative fall-out of the nuclear age beyond those limits.
O for the days that Foucault anatomized, when the author was whomever the authorities chose to torture
Tunc in next time to find out how 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" follows or departs from the Soapland conventions anatomized above.
To select only a few examples from the thirty-some contributions, there is work that deals with superstition, as anatomized in Althea Thauberger's deceptively perky video Amon Idea umena de poetiches impienida (We Love the Human Idea Full of Poetry), 2008--a theatricalized folk parable explaining the ubiquity of death and poverty--and a quasi documentary (restaged based on testimony) of Italian men touching their testicles for luck, based in Maria Thereza Alves, Jimmie Durham, and Michael Taussig's faux-ethnological "Museum of European Normality" (one of five miniature "Museums" that punctuate "The Soul").