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Synonyms for anatomize

Synonyms for anatomize

to separate into parts for study

Synonyms for anatomize

dissect in order to analyze


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analyze down to the smallest detail

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Though set de signer Patrick Connellan's faded, shabby Streatham council flat doesn't exactly lift the spirits, hopes remain for a play that might anatomize the psychological drear accompanying the south London waste-lands of such (fine) Kureishi-scripted movies as "Intimacy."
Klein uses a related dyad -- the opposition between map and itinerary -- to discern the geographical imaginations of Spenser and Drayton and to anatomize the workings of English chorographic description of Ireland.
To anatomize After the Prom as a pattern of vectors and angles, as Hickey does, is to reinstate a genre of pictorial analysis that doesn't figure in art writing much anymore yet is surely a part of the basic vocabulary of painting.
Goodness tends to be trickier to anatomize than evil, which helps explain why there have been far more memorable Iagos over time than Othellos.
Both "dissect" and "anatomize" are derived from Latin and Greek verbs, respectively, meaning "to cut." This definition seems to have been first used by John of Alexandria (first half of the seventh century), an early commentator on Galen (20).
Watching the Royal Court's enormously empathic world-premiere production of the New York-set "Where Do We Live," one could only marvel at American dramatist Christopher Shinn's ability to anatomize a city, either side of 9/11, grappling its way out of a darkness that, Shinn dared suggest, predated Manhattan's acquaintanceship with terror.
Though set on a fogbound night at a posh address that seems increasingly cut off from reality, "Dinner" owes less to the time-honored conventions of, say, "The Mousetrap" than it does to such diverse cultural head trips as "An Inspector Calls," Luis Bunuel's "The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie" and David Hare's film "Wetherby": All anatomize human behavior around the dinner table only to point the finger at mankind choking on its own gluttony.
If the play backs away from the same confusion it claims to anatomize, those conflicts are fully apparent in Fielding's blazing performance.
Silvester reprints a memo from Darryl Zanuck warning of excessive production costs as early as 1946, and he skillfully interweaves excerpts from two books about "Cleopatra" to anatomize that famously disastrous production.
We never see such an assault (though you do in the film) but the air is pregnant with its affect as Pinter dares to anatomize those cruelest of moments when passion betrays itself as rage.
The exhibition took New Zealand as a test case for a mythic struggle between libertarian and social-democratic values and, in the show's most reflexive moment, for a self-analysis in which Denny acknowledges his connection to a local artistic lineage and hints at the dilemma of his own entanglement in the systems he anatomizes. "The Founder's Paradox" spoke of origins and destiny with an unexpectedly personal caveat about artistic agency caught between innovation and redundancy.
Now he treats the living and anatomizes the dead who reach Lampedusa's shore.
Finally, Buell anatomizes GANs as following four distinct templates.
But in Europe in Sepia, its title appropriately evoking a set of antique photographs, her "underground" humor turns darker still as she anatomizes the death of European and global "culture."
It covers male hormones and anatomizes sections of the brain, and describes how each affects the man.