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Synonyms for anatomize

Synonyms for anatomize

to separate into parts for study

Synonyms for anatomize

dissect in order to analyze


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analyze down to the smallest detail

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By contrast, Alice Kaplan's memoir, French Lessons, is consecrated to the queer and entirely embodied lamination of shame and pleasure; here is her anatomization of the French "r":
First of all, it concerns Dymov's passion for anatomization.
In this paper, I have reviewed the contemporary biologization of women's sexuality as female sexual dysfunction has become a widely circulated disorder, and the manner in which the very social concepts of "sexual function" and "dysfunction" are naturalized through their anatomization.
The "human condition" is a phrase much reviled in contemporary scholarship: Kottman's study suggests that ultimately the humanities have the heavy burden of the interrogation, anatomization, and affirmation of the human as their sole master.
After his study of kinship rules came the anatomization of all recorded mythology in the Americas under the rubric of Mythologiques.
The reader should notice the cruel anatomization of the body--the scattered body parts giving evidence to spilt blood, extreme violence.
88) Like its two associated terms, the "Cavern of Polyphemus" and the "Rout of Roncisvalle," the "Anatomy of Vercelli" is Caro's satirical reference to fragmentation and anatomization.
entranced at the narrator's deliberate and precise anatomization of
Moreover, its anatomization of the lovesick, female body potentially alludes to that of Elizabeth herself.
In a series of anatomization Numachi broach the problem of cavitation inside Venturi tubes and inside the diaphragm to determine the cavitation start moment ,by using the relation:
Principles, critical analysis, practical criticism, all of these are to be brought to bear on Shakespeare, as if the Shakespearean text were spread out for examination and anatomization on a dissection table (which again would leave Coleridge emulating Shakespeare, whom he described as "a comparative Anatomist"--CLect 2.