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Synonyms for anatomize

Synonyms for anatomize

to separate into parts for study

Synonyms for anatomize

dissect in order to analyze


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analyze down to the smallest detail

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(88) Like its two associated terms, the "Cavern of Polyphemus" and the "Rout of Roncisvalle," the "Anatomy of Vercelli" is Caro's satirical reference to fragmentation and anatomization.
A production in which this display were tied to an anatomization of Lear's abuse of power would have been very brave, as these moments would have functioned as the apex (or nadir, if you prefer) of the representation of Lear's misogyny, by suggesting not simply that Lear could, at this juncture, conceive of only one way of dealing with women, but rather that events were compelling Lear, in his distracted state, to furnish evidence of the psychic problems and the attitude towards women that had shaped events in the first place.
Moreover, its anatomization of the lovesick, female body potentially alludes to that of Elizabeth herself.
In a series of anatomization Numachi broach the problem of cavitation inside Venturi tubes and inside the diaphragm to determine the cavitation start moment ,by using the relation:
Principles, critical analysis, practical criticism, all of these are to be brought to bear on Shakespeare, as if the Shakespearean text were spread out for examination and anatomization on a dissection table (which again would leave Coleridge emulating Shakespeare, whom he described as "a comparative Anatomist"--CLect 2.151).
One of the responsibilities of the National Theater is to remount work from the repertoire that otherwise would never see the light of day in the commercial sector, and Macdonald's daringly slow-paced production certainly wrings every last drop from the play's anatomization of male and female behavior.
This is followed by a discussion, in chapter 4, of "Mentre vaga Angioletta" from 1638 to exemplify the anatomization of the female voice in the manner of contemporary dissections of wombs.
To be sure, Como provides a fine anatomization of the puritan forms of antinomian sociability, and he rightly stresses the Eatonists' indebtedness to Reformed conceptions of divine-human relations that structured the thinking of the mainstream.
Yet, Smiley can also be unsparing in her anatomization of Dickens's failings, artistic and personal.
Secondly, she identifies a topos of tragic and grotesque physical deformity in Rigoletto, arguing that the anatomization of the physical in Boito's lyric poetry, and in the scapigliatura in general, subsequently evolves into the theme of psychological collapse and the internalization of external deformity in Boito's Otello, leading to Pirandello's dissection of madness as mental deformity in Il berretto.
This lecherous anatomization, coupled with the repetitive use of the diminutive 'Ameliazinha', underlines the seemingly unbendable symbolic structure of patriarchal domination facilitated by the confession and Amaro's priestly status.
Tom Mboya reviewed Kenyan developments; Cedric Belfrage, editor-in-exile of the American progressive sheet, The National Guardian, supplied comment on the compromised Afro-American People's Solidarity Conference in Cairo in 1958 as well as on the governance of Kerala, India where the Communist Party held power but functioned, according to Belfrage, like social democrats; and Peter Worsley and John Rex provided occasional forays into Africa, including a lengthy anatomization of Mau Mau, a discussion of the shifting nature of Labour Party policy as it related to race and the African National Congresses, and comment on colonialism and liberation movements.
foreign service officer with many years of service in the Balkans, maintains the detached, objective style that has become appropriate for the anatomization of a criminal.
There is no multifaceted anatomization of pride and prejudice--just a display in various contexts of Bridget's charming haplessness and ineptitude ...
Some excellent resources to study, collaterally with knowledge management systems, to achieve this type of anatomization are Robert Dickerson's (1999) Prioritizing Academic Programs and Services; the work of Ann Lucus (2000) and her colleagues entitled, Leadership Academic Change: Essential Roles for Department Chairs; the Handbook of Academic Learning: Construction of Knowledge by Gary Phye (1993); and Managing Technological Change by A.W.