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Subsequently, on February 13, 1818, Dionisio asked for an annulment before the Episcopal Court of Florence where a second report was filed, entrusted this time to Vincenzo Chiarugi, the most famous anatomist at that time and father of Italian psychiatry.
MUNICH, July 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Anatomist Gunther von Hagens, who is inextricably linked to contemporary artistic anatomy rendered through his science of Plastination, has charted a new course in anatomical art with his latest work, Cuts: Forays In Anatomical Art.
so I called Dr Robson, an anatomist who puts people back together again in a way that has to be seen to be believed.
It is really interesting and really bizarre, very different from anything we've seen in vertebrates," study author Diane Kelly, an anatomist at the University of Massachusetts said.
Which infamous pair of 19th century bodysnatchers supplied corpses to the anatomist Robert Knox?
Based on sound and extensive archival research, the book focuses on the life and work of the eighteenth-century Italian (Bolognese) anatomist and anatomical wax modeler Anna Morandi Manzolini.
00pm) First of a three-part documentary series in which anatomist Dr Alice Roberts heads to Africa to explore how human beings have evolved.
Comparative anatomist, Professor Joy Reidenberg and veterinary scientist, Mark Evans, fly to New Zealand to join a team of experts and dissect a rare specimen of a Giant Squid and a bizarre octopus that inhabits the midnight zone - over a kilometre deep, where there is no light.
The anatomist anatomis'd; an experimental discipline in Enlightenment Europe.
German anatomist Gunther von Hagens, 64 - known as Dr Death - says Michael was in talks about being specially preserved and put on show next to the corpse of his pet chimp Bubbles.
She demonstrates the following: dispassion was learned by the anatomist as a response to the olfactory apprehension of rotting flesh (chaptet 1); it was then reconstituted within a Cartesian matrix (chapter 2) and combined with a Neostoic revival after a period of religious strife (chapter 3).
The appearance of syphilis in Europe spurred Westerners to use them and the Italian anatomist Gabriele Falloppia, around 1564, advocated a prophylactic made of linen.
Published in June, the book caps a career on the University of Massachusetts Medical School faculty that began almost 20 years ago when her teacher recognized her as "an anatomist in evolution.
In The Resurrectionist, the reader is transported to Georgian London, where Gabriel Swift has arrived to study with the anatomist, Edwin Poll.
He was a highly skilled anatomist and surgeon and in both fields he made 'a number of innovative discoveries'.