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Long recognised as one of the greatest artists of the Renaissance, the exhibition will divulge Vinci to be one of the most original and perceptive anatomists of his or any other time.
In all of the four chapters of the book as well as in the introduction, Webb refers to English anatomist William Harvey's treatise on the heart's function as the engine of circulation De motu cordis written in Padua in 1628.
But he made a dying wish to be buried off the Irish coast, and left a large sum for this to be carried out - because he did not want to become a specimen for English anatomists.
Around 1506-08, Leonardo studied Galen intensively; and slightly later, his anatomical research was greatly advanced by his association with the brilliant young anatomist Marcantonio della Torre.
The 1552 edition of 'De Humani Corporis Fabrica' by Belgian anatomist Andreas Vesalius was stolen from Oxford University along with 70 other items, according to UPI.
One is reminded of the Roman Catholic Church's persecution of such great scientists as the physicist and astronomer Galileo and the pioneer medical researcher and anatomist Vesalius.
Ever since ancient Greek physicians carried out vivisections of human subjects, since surgeons tussled for corpses cut fresh from the gallows, since hooded figures haunted churchyards with spades, the anatomist has operated at the margins of the culturally acceptable.
As intriguing as these arguments may be, the idea that humans are natural vegetarians has "no scientific basis in fact," argues anatomist and primatologist John McArdle.
Or forget all your cares and drop by the Kiasma, Helsinki, Project Room from May 23 to August 26, where board-game deviser and anatomist of social role-playing Eva Grubinger will stage a new multimedia installation, Operation R.
Bodyworlds is the brainchild of German anatomist Professor Gunther von Hagens, who calls himself 'Mr Plastinator' because of his unique body preservation technique.
One of the first modern poets to treat nature as a principal subject, he was the forerunner of the new poetic attitude toward nature in German literature that culminated in the works of Heinrich von Kleist and the Swiss anatomist and physiologist Albrecht von Haller.
Just as Copernicus was overturning Greek notions of astronomy, a Flemish anatomist, Andreas Vesalius (1514-1564), was upsetting Greek notions of anatomy.
Leading anatomist Dr Roy Glover, the chief medical director for Bodies Revealed said that people could see for themselves the terrible damage the damage that can be done to the lungs.
It's clearly a very personal project for the anatomist, who revealed last year that he is suffering from Parkinson's disease, but the documentary also explores other representations of the Crucifixion over the centuries, talking to art historians and theologians about the image's enduring power.
There are shocks and surprises along the way, not least when anatomist Professor Joy Reidenberg, far right, marvels over the thickness of the polar bear's fur - and discovers that while its fur is white, its skin is actually black.