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Synonyms for anatomize

Synonyms for anatomize

to separate into parts for study

Synonyms for anatomize

dissect in order to analyze


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analyze down to the smallest detail

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CONCLUSION: Early oral feeding after elective colonic anatomises is safe and well tolerated by majority of patients with insignificant complications.
After the interval, the audience turns to an edgy operatic thriller written by Scottish crime novelist Louise Welsh, which anatomises post-traumatic stress disorder through the experiences of two former soldiers.
A suffocatingly powerful read, Freedom anatomises a relationship and a nation in decline and their slender chances at redemption.
The other pieces cover the treatment of Jewish Christians in Cordoba in 1473-74 -- a prelude to the institutional violence of the Cordoban Inquisition; the brutal suppression of the Canudos community in Brazil in 1895 -- a punishment of difference; and the Indonesian massacres of 1965-66 -- John Gittings explains and anatomises them, and suggests Anglo-American encouragement.