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Synonyms for anatomical

an expression that relates to anatomy

of or relating to the structure of the body


of or relating to the branch of morphology that studies the structure of organisms


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These new patents strengthen the company's IP portfolio of anatomically fit expandable devices and demonstrate its continuous commitment to innovation.
Not only is it anatomically designed to allow for easier suction and patient comfort, the material is also safer for patients and can withstand strong force, such as jaw clenching during seizure episodes," Ramini said.
The new divergent lineage--which was found in an individual who submitted his DNA to Family Tree DNA, a company specializing in tracing family roots--branched from the Y chromosome tree before the first appearance of anatomically modern humans in the fossil record.
Keywords: Malposition, Corrected malposition of great arteries, Conotruncal rotation, Anatomically corrected malpositions, Cardiogenesis of malpositions.
Our analysis indicates this lineage diverged from previously known Y chromosomes about 338,000 ago, a time when anatomically modern humans had not yet evolved," said Michael Hammer, an associate professor in the University of Arizona's department of ecology and evolutionary biology and a research scientist at the UA's Arizona Research Labs.
The result gave the scientists confidence to infer that contemporary African populations contain a small proportion of genetic material-about 2 percent-that moved from a species of archaic humans into the gene pool of anatomically modern humans about 35 thousand years ago.
Anatomically and tactually correct tissues are easy to replace and offer each student a first cut experience.
Furthermore, it is doubtful that these south Siberian Neandertals evolved into anatomically modern humans, as some Russian workers believe.
o Five incrementally-close, anatomically proportional nasal cannulae sizes for a custom lit.
In response to your article over using anatomically correct words in children's books, I wanted to simply give my opinion, which you asked for at the end.
It can be a man or a woman and has anatomically correct organs, body parts and respiratory system.
With an anatomically conforming fit, the glove helps to reduce wrist and hand pain and protects the wrist from movements that can lead to Carpal Tunnel syndrome.
Why are paintings, statues and figurines not anatomically accurate to within .
Straightforward barns; schematic scapes; the heavy curl of a frozen wave; a gray, anatomically correct sex scene utterly devoid of erotic charge: In uncomfortably arid strokes, James lays down just enough paint to articulate the basics of his composition, denying the viewer any visual satisfaction in favor of a purely intellectual thesis.
The Iron Men on Crosby shore We've never seen their likes before Anatomically correct in every detail Sights to make a maiden aunt quail