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Shoulder arthroscopy is a technique that allows the detailed exploration of the anatomical structures of the glenohumeral joint.
Instructors are also able to familiarize students with the navigation of the program while also investigating the anatomical structures. Using the program as a preparatory tool in their practical, the students first can identify and review the anatomical structures related to the region through the dissection images and diagrams and also the media clips.
Perhaps because the spine is central to all of the functions of the human body, this book shares information on qigong practice that is incredibly complex, with details about the eight vessels and the twelve channels through which qi moves and about the anatomical structure of the back and spine.
The effects of thinning and fertilization on anatomical structure of loblolly pine and the correlation between the anatomical properties were analyzed previously (Jeong et al.
One points to the anatomical structure of the female body in comparison to males.
The text discusses how to assess dimensions and proportions, anatomical structure, incorporating unusual viewpoints, capturing a moving sequence, drawing drapery and clothing, and much more.
The particular anatomical structure from which the image is taken
This flexibility to place screws with variability of up to 15 degrees in any direction allows surgeons to avoid critical anatomical structures and better fit the existing anatomical structure, the company claims.
It is designed to deliver a suture material through an anatomical structure such as the sacrospinous ligament and arcus tendineous.
Color illustrations throughout provide visual embellishment of all the poses and survey their corresponding anatomical structure. Any collection strong in yoga anatomy needs this vivid text.
The first phase will include scanning of the Grape and Wine Collection (67 Hilgardias published between 1925 and 1982) on subjects spanning wine-grape physiology, anatomical structure, favorable soil characteristics, sensory and chemical evaluation, and management of pests and diseases.
As a generic model of an anatomical structure we use the statistical model of appearance (Cootes and Taylor, 2001) which models both the shape and texture of an anatomical structure.
E-Anatomy for the iPhone offers portability and many of the same features as the online version: Users can find any anatomical structure by using the search feature, zoom in and out of images, or turn labels on or off with the tap of a finger.
The prostheses need to be tested to ensure that they attach correctly to the surrounding bones and tendons, reliably replicating the anatomical structure of a shoulder and a patient's mobility and movement over time.
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