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Synonyms for position

Synonyms for position

the place where a person or thing is located

the way in which one is placed or arranged

one's place and direction relative to one's surroundings

a frame of mind affecting one's thoughts or behavior

something believed or accepted as true by a person

positioning of one individual vis-à-vis others

to put in or assign to a certain position or location

Synonyms for position

a point occupied by troops for tactical reasons

a job in an organization

the appropriate or customary location

Related Words

a condition or position in which you find yourself

an opinion that is held in opposition to another in an argument or dispute


Related Words

an item on a list or in a sequence

the post or function properly or customarily occupied or served by another

the act of positing

Related Words

cause to be in an appropriate place, state, or relation

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The hyoids are slightly broken and displaced from their anatomical position. The right one is located ventrally over the posterior interpterygoid vacuity and the left one is moved to the right edge of the cranium (Figure 3B).
According to many authors, the vermiform appendix is the only organ in the human body which has multiple definitive anatomical positions. Its position varies from individual-to-individual.
As surgical treatment of colloid cyst is challenging due to its deep midline anatomical position, it is better to treat young patients conservatively.
In the cases published, the intraoperative management included the reposition of the biceps tendon to its anatomical position through the radiocapitellar joint in 3 cases [57], as in the case herein shown.
The introduction has been expanded to include information on the anatomical position, directional terms, body planes, body cavities, body habitus, and abdominopelvic quadrants and regions.
We also demonstrated somatosensory ERPs of some of our patients who showed different responses elicited by low intensity electrical stimulation of the median nerve at the wrist depending on the location of the hands either in uncrossed anatomical position or crossed over the body midline to the other hemispace.
All the measurements were taken with the subject sitting in chair, in relaxed condition and head in anatomical position. All measurements were taken in centimetres, to an accuracy of 0.10.
Their anatomical position is proximal, and can become distal--apical or sub-apical--only during copulation (see figure 1 and 2a).
Placing a rolled towel or sheet under the scrotum positions it more anteriorly in its proper anatomical position.
Figure one shows the anatomical position. The body is erect with feet parallel and arms hanging at the sides with the palms facing forward.
Moreover, retroperitoneal hematoma in different anatomical position has different clinical features and treatment strategy.
These changes are associated with the anatomical position of each kidney in the embryonic development.
Following reduction of the bladder to its normal anatomical position, a tension free mesh repair was performed.
The skeleton of the extinct marine reptile is almost immaculately preserved and the fossilized bones of the mother animal lie largely in their anatomical position.
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