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of or relating to the structure of the body


of or relating to the branch of morphology that studies the structure of organisms


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Evaluation of the iliac crest as anatomic landmark for spinal anaesthesia in pregnant women.
A novel method of axillary venipuncture using the cephalic vein as a sole anatomic landmark. Can J Cardiol 2015;31:1067-9.
The palatal gingival margin, Scar line, Inner surface of the maxillary denture border corresponding to cephalometric point sub-spinale and incisive papilla are used .The incisive papilla is reported to be a reliable anatomic landmark in the arrangement of anterior teeth.
Many authors recommend partial rather than total resection to limit the possibility of skull base injury and to maintain the anatomic landmark. The concha bullosa can be managed in a variety of ways, but the classic method is resection of the lateral wall (lateral lamella).
A polypoid mass can be best diagnosed with a telescope and a suction tip.[1] A microdebrider is an ideal instrument for contouring the middle turbinate without destroying it as an anatomic landmark or interfering with its function.
To achieve this goal, we used peeled images of the head (Kwon et al., 2016), instead of CT, MRI, or cross-sectional images of a cadaver (Park et al., 2009), and marked the anatomic landmarks and botulinum toxin injection sites on the peeled images.
Although these adjunct technologies have gained popularity, limitations include radiation exposure to the patient and surgeon as well as added high cost and prolonged operative times.5 Keeping in view the hazards of intraoperative radiation, the ability to place pedicle screws with anatomic landmarks alone are paramount.
US guidance for peripheral nerve blocks has become popular among physicians because of several advantages when compared with traditional nerve localization techniques (anatomic landmarks and peripheral nerve stimulation).
Relevant anatomic landmarks of the lumbar vertebrae including the posterior element components, interlaminar spaces, spinal canal margins, and disc spaces must all be identified by the operator (Figure 2).
Ideally, the resultant femoral rotation will correspond to the anatomic landmarks described above for femoral rotation, but these are secondary determinants when utilizing a gap balancing technique.
Third ventriculostomy serves as a physiologic shunt can be performed endoscopically using anatomic landmarks, or with stereotaxis using image guidance.
(9) Although this blockade can be performed with anatomic landmarks, the use of imaging modalities such as ultrasound guidance likely improves the safety of this block by verifying proper anatomic placement of the needle and allowing avoidance of significant underlying structures.
Accuracy of the 3D anatomic map registration (i.e., image registration between the initial CT from which the 3D anatomic map was generated and the final needle tip position based on the coregistration of anatomic landmarks such as the carina or major vascular structures and fiducial markers placed on the skin) was determined using final needle tip position on the final conformational CT compared to the expected location of the needle tip based on the 3D model.
All anatomic landmarks were identified under ultrasound guidance in all subjects.