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Synonyms for anatomic

of or relating to the structure of the body


of or relating to the branch of morphology that studies the structure of organisms


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It was therefore noted that obtaining the restoration by layering the composite creates a precise, anatomic form and results in a more natural tooth appearance (19, 20).
Vertebrae whose anatomic form had changed because of a previous operation, old fracture, severe degenerative changes, or other reasons were excluded from the study [Figure 2]a.
In this particular case Lingualized occlusalscheme was apt because it maintains the esthetics and food penetration advantages of the anatomic form of the teeth while maintaining the mechanical freedom of the non anatomic form.
At end of 12 months, only 2 teeth received Bravo score for anatomic form, probably because of the sufficient conversion of monomer to polymer which resulted in adequate resistance to wear.-In this study, it was observed that there were six restorations registered throughout the study period as Bravo category for marginal discoloration.
In an attempt to overcome some of the problems associated with direct placement posterior composite techniques, in particular polymerization shrinkage and control of anatomic form, esthetic inlay systems utilizing composite resins or porcelain have been developed and have a scope for future development.