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Synonyms for anatomic

of or relating to the structure of the body


of or relating to the branch of morphology that studies the structure of organisms


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The purpose of this study was to use a new resurfacing design along with a perfect sphere model in cadaver CT scans to assess the anatomic neck of the proximal humerus as an accurate landmark for humeral head resurfacing placement, in particular looking at the deviation from the center of rotation and humeral head thickness.
With this module, NovoPath provides flexibility to the AP Labs to produce integrated Anatomic Pathology reports containing Clinical Pathology results, a standalone AP Report or just a Clinical Pathology Report," notes Rick Callahan, VP of Sales and Marketing at NovoPath.
Leica's Biosystems' products and solutions address the key steps across the anatomic pathology laboratory workflow.
Formal and informal methods of root cause analysis of anatomic pathology error have revealed the importance of optimizing work processes to decrease error frequency as well as to improve quality in the IOM domains of timeliness, efficiency, effectiveness, patient centeredness, and equity.
The introduction of the ATTUNE Rotating Platform Knee and the Anatomic Patella bring new options for patient care," said Hannah McEwen, Ph.
Multiple localized efforts have been launched previously to try to address portions of this issue in anatomic pathology.
Manley, whose firm helps sophisticated tenants cut occupancy costs, negotiated a number of complex issues on behalf of AmeriPath, which is upgrading its space to a state-of-the-art anatomic pathology laboratory and office facility.
Given the ear's anatomic restraints and complexity, these neoplasms are often not as readily noticed by the patient or during physical examination," Jeffrey K.
We describe an unusual anatomic variation of this canal that to our knowledge has not been previously described in the literature.
By merging a patient's biological information from a PET scan with the anatomic imaging provided by a CT scan into a combined image containing both metabolic function and anatomic structure, it enables doctors to more accurately identify the precise location of potential abnormalities.
These patients may have a deviated septum or another anatomic abnormality obstructing the outflow from the sinus to the nose, said Dr.
The Company will demonstrate its Anatomic Pathology order entry and results reporting solution to the attendees of CAP '11, "The Pathologist's Meeting," to be held from September 11-14, 2011, in Grapevine, Texas, and at the Pathology Informatics 2011 conference from October 4-7, 2011, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
announces the addition of the NovoPath(TM) Dashboard to its NovoPath(TM) Anatomic Pathology Software Platform.
CoPath Plus anatomic pathology software integrates images, diagrams, or data from speech-recognition systems, and offers the ability to customize and share the complex information produced by anatomic pathology, cytology, and cytogenetics departments.
Both substance and anatomic factors affect RWM permeability.