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Synonyms for anathematize

to invoke evil or injury upon

Synonyms for anathematize

curse or declare to be evil or anathema or threaten with divine punishment

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23) The doctors of the Catholic Church readily accepted the actual existence of nouements, wisely eschewing a full-scale campaign to eradicate such a deeply ingrained popular conviction while anathematizing the practitioners of the charm and seeking to establish a priestly monopoly over the combat against this sorcery.
Manama: March 24 -- (BNA): Bahrain is taking part at the Third General Conference of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs in the Egyptian Endowments Ministry on the theme (The hazards of anathematizing ideologies and misinformed fatwa on national interest and international relations.
This hardly amounted to anathematizing plural marriage.
Kastan responds to opposition by preaching to his choir, more by demonizing critics and anathematizing criticism than by adducing evidence and advancing arguments in rebuttal.
That's an odd word to use, you might have thought, by one who begins by anathematizing any principle of correctness.
1) However, a careful review of the debates and documents of Vatican II shows that while this quite different council abstained from anathematizing any doctrines and reversed several practices mandated by Trent, it did not depart from any of Trent's doctrinal definitions, and that Trent's teaching even played some positive roles at Vatican II.
Anathematizing all and sundry was no way to replace an old religious appeal by a new one.
is that politics is more about anathematizing than arguing.
Venice's diplomatic agents said there was some hope of bringing those Christians closer to Rome, while anathematizing their position on divorce might well lead them to break entirely from the Holy See.
I am arguing here that the total absence of any term for "heretic"--together with the usage of hairesis in the older sense of "choice" or school--or any practice of formal anathematizing in both the Hebrew and Greek Jewish literature before the late second century, in contexts where it might be expected, as well as the apparent development of these notions in the closely associated Christian circles of that time, constitutes a fairly strong indication that something significant was happening around this issue in the discourse of that time.
It went beyond the position of Canon 7 of Trent's decree, De sacramento ordinis, anathematizing those who hold that bishops have the power to confirm and ordain in common with priests.
All of us got involved, and we exchanged views, agreed and disagreed, without anyone anathematizing the others.