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Synonyms for anathematize

to invoke evil or injury upon

Synonyms for anathematize

curse or declare to be evil or anathema or threaten with divine punishment

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Oriental Orthodox should at the same time lift all anathemas and condemnations against all Orthodox councils and fathers, whom they have anathematized or condemned in the past.
9) His enemies in the moral philosophical area were Hobbes, Locke, Mandeville, and Pufendorf, egoists and conventionalists who were often grouped together as "selfish moralists" and anathematized for their moral skepticism.
I am touching here upon a subject anathematized till very recently by medical penalty: but if I am to present these problems in historical illumination, dogmatic imprecations must not deter me (Behring 1905).
Within a week of the Values Voters Summit, Pat Toomey, the president and CEO of the Club for Growth, anathematized Huckabee's deviations from the free-trade, low-tax creed in a piece for National Review Online.
Most of the relevant businessmen, however, having been anathematized and legislatively pummeled for the previous six years, were reluctant to enter into such deals for a variety of reasons, chief among them being their fear and distrust of the federal government (Higgs 2006a, 36-38).
In addition, I found errors: Halkett did not rescue Charles and Mary Seton, Earl and Countess of Dunfermline, but an important pair of Bampfield's allies, the Scots Presbyterian pro-royalist landowners, Lord Alexander and Lady Margaret Mackenzie Lindsay (Lord and Lady Balcarres), who were also anathematized by Charles II.
11) He wrote in protest to the bishop of Canterbury claiming that "Lutheranism and Calvinism are heresies, repugnant to Scripture, springing up three centuries since, and anathematized by East as well as West.
The successful 1934 premiere of symphonic excerpts from the opera was an embarassment for Nazi ideologues who had anathematized Hindemith as a Weimar decadent.
All the while, it has been anathematized and scorned by the intelligentsia and the one-world lobby as a stumbling block to world order and world peace.
That Pope Urban II, who ordered the Crusades, did so in 1095 hardly mattered; all popes were anathematized.
Having rejected the undergirding fullness of the Common Book, believing himself superior to it in knowledge, wisdom, and mastery, he took up instead certain books of magic and necromancy by which in his search for self-aggrandizement he anathematized the "New Testament and the Hebrew Psalter" (1.
Once lauded as "America's Number One Negro," (5) a star on Broadway for his color-barrier-breaking performance of Othello in 1943, a confidant of Eleanor Roosevelt's, even a visitor to the Oval Office for a meeting with President Truman in 1946, Robeson had been effectively anathematized by the U.
Indeed, the Second Council of Nicaea in 787 decreed that no church could be consecrated without relics, and anathematized those who despised them.
Absolutely no thinker of Dante's time--and certainly not even the notorious and anathematized Marsiglio of Padua--could have denied, and neither would Dante deny, the religious and philosophical preeminence of spirit over matter, of soul over body, of the transcendent over the immanent, and, thus, of the spiritual over the temporal, or ever deny that there is a spiritual ultimate end of man beyond any temporal or temporary goal.
For taking these positions Oppenheimer was later anathematized and, following a security hearing in 1954 that still reeks of injustice, stripped of his security clearances.