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Synonyms for anathematize

to invoke evil or injury upon

Synonyms for anathematize

curse or declare to be evil or anathema or threaten with divine punishment

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(30) The council pronounced that the Filioque does belong in the creed and anathematized any who held to monoprocessionism.
Universal moral norms and metaphysical or anthropological ethical foundations appear to have been anathematized from their contents.
The first anathematized Putin's Kremlin as "Russian thugs masquerading as a government" (Dec.
Within the visions of both the Nazi 1000-year empire and the Communist Workers' Paradise, the JW's prophesized Kingdom of God was an anathematized constellation that had to be crushed.
The successful 1934 premiere of symphonic excerpts from the opera was an embarassment for Nazi ideologues who had anathematized Hindemith as a Weimar decadent.
All the while, it has been anathematized and scorned by the intelligentsia and the one-world lobby as a stumbling block to world order and world peace.
Having rejected the undergirding fullness of the Common Book, believing himself superior to it in knowledge, wisdom, and mastery, he took up instead certain books of magic and necromancy by which in his search for self-aggrandizement he anathematized the "New Testament and the Hebrew Psalter" (1.1.156).
Indeed, the Second Council of Nicaea in 787 decreed that no church could be consecrated without relics, and anathematized those who despised them.
For these offenses and others, Buckley anathematized Rothbard.
Yet when some British Columbia environmentalists supported the boycott of certain forest products by European Greenpeace groups, they were anathematized b y industry, labour and the B.C.
For taking these positions Oppenheimer was later anathematized and, following a security hearing in 1954 that still reeks of injustice, stripped of his security clearances.
It has anathematized as "separatists" both the people on Taiwan who define themselves as (Republic of) Chinese and those who think of themselves as Taiwanese.
Psycho-analytical criticism of his work is especially anathematized. Yet, Weber demonstrates, he is always using the raw materials of his life for his work.
After attempts to convince the young philosopher of his errors, the rabbis of Amsterdam solemnly excommunicated and anathematized him.
They have been accentuated by recent decades of Cold War in which the European alternative of Marxism has been anathematized, effectively excluding that rival form of knowledge.