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  • verb

Synonyms for anathematize

to invoke evil or injury upon

Synonyms for anathematize

curse or declare to be evil or anathema or threaten with divine punishment

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In Quebec, the Church did not withdraw into a "Catholic ghetto," anathematize the new society, and work towards a restoration of the old order.
That's why you have a lot of working-class people who anathematize unions.
Someday, some final generation, hysterically answer beneath an atmosphere as unrelenting as rock, would rue us all, anathematize our earthly comforts, curse out surfeits and submissions.
But times have moved on and there is no longer any need to anathematize gold, especially if its partial use in this way might improve the economic lot of a small number of countries which need all the stability they can get.
When the Fathers later sought the approval of Pope Vigilius, who attended none of the council sessions, he refused to anathematize Theodore as to his person; but under intense pressure from Justinian, he finally agreed to anathematize both Theodore's person and his writings.
Found commonly where Tudor governments seek to anathematize declared opponents, the discourse in this instance takes on particular suggestiveness for scholars of Shakespeare, given the dates concerned.
But here again the Brotherhood's refusal to anathematize socialism as a godless ideology had to confront the concept of state socialism adopted by its strong Nasserite enemy and its Baathist rival.
Of course, when the United States engineered a coup in Guatemala or Soviet tanks rolled into Budapest or Prague, the act was often visible as imperial only to the anti-imperialists on the other side, but the media were naturally quick to rise above such merely national partisanship and anathematize all the world's residue of imperialism as the result of America's conduct of the Cold War.
In the second confession, the candidate promises to "venerate, relatively, but not in the way of worship, the divine icons, worthy of veneration, of Christ Himself and of the Most-pure Mother of God and of all the Saints," and to "reject and anathematize [those] proclaiming strange teachings," language that could only have materialized from the iconoclast crisis of the eighth and ninth centuries (53) The confessions obviously have multiple functions, both affirmative and preventative.
But, pace Curran and HC, although Trent does not anathematize the practice of economia, canon 7 entails that its application to "remarriage" after divorce is contrary to faith.
And on top of all these, I anathematize the god of Muhammad, about whom he [Muhammad] says that "This is one God, holosphyros [made of solid metal beaten to a spherical shape] who neither begat nor was begotten, and no-one has been made like him.
To anathematize Morris' large-scale sculpture as "theatrical," for example, was to push at an open door, in that many of the objects in question had begun life as props in dance and performance pieces.
They thought it a harsh punishment to anathematize a deacon should she marry, that is, that the church would consider her to have placed herself and her spouse outside of the Christian community simply ply by marrying.
At the council of Constantinople (879-80), wherein Photius's status was clarified and the Nicene declarations (787) were reaffirmed, no mention was made of the Filioque, other than to reaffirm the 381 Creed (without Filioque) and anathematize "anyone who composed another confession of faith.
I trust he will be a living reproach to a generation of scholars who know Augustine only as a born-again Catholic who foisted on the western world a hellish doctrine of original sin and a pessimistic view of marriage; who cannot spell Chalcedon, even though a quarter century ago Harvey Cox argued that apart from Chalcedon technopolis is unintelligible; who can anathematize Aquinas and scuttle scholasticism without ever having read a word thereof; who sneer at the mere mention of "medieval," as if the middle ages were darker than our own; who could not care less about a papal pronouncement, much less peruse it.