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Synonyms for anathematize

to invoke evil or injury upon

Synonyms for anathematize

curse or declare to be evil or anathema or threaten with divine punishment

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It alienated the Monophysites by its rejection of Eutyches: "And in particular do we anathematize the before-mentioned Nestorius and Eutyches and all who uphold their teachings.
Someday, some final generation, hysterically answer beneath an atmosphere as unrelenting as rock, would rue us all, anathematize our earthly comforts, curse out surfeits and submissions.
But times have moved on and there is no longer any need to anathematize gold, especially if its partial use in this way might improve the economic lot of a small number of countries which need all the stability they can get.
But, pace Curran and HC, although Trent does not anathematize the practice of economia, canon 7 entails that its application to "remarriage" after divorce is contrary to faith.
At the council of Constantinople (879-80), wherein Photius's status was clarified and the Nicene declarations (787) were reaffirmed, no mention was made of the Filioque, other than to reaffirm the 381 Creed (without Filioque) and anathematize "anyone who composed another confession of faith.
The society was important enough to Goldwater that he didn't dare denounce it, as Buckley did--though Goldwater, like Buckley's colleagues William Rusher and Frank Meyer, may not have been eager to anathematize the group anyway.
In his new book, Schnitzler's Century, Gay asserts--to no one's surprise--that "bourgeoisophobes," who anathematize nineteenth-century bourgeois culture as grimly repressive, are misguided: For it was bourgeois thinkers who enabled us to penetrate into the deep structures of sexuality, meaning that there must be more to this culture than Victorian squeamishness and hypocrisy.
23) In the second, he states, "I declare that they of the seed of Abraham who live after the Law, and believe not on this our Christ before the end of their life, will not be saved, and especially they who in the synagogues have anathematized and still anathematize, those who believe on that very Christ" (47.
Of course, when the United States engineered a coup in Guatemala or Soviet tanks rolled into Budapest or Prague, the act was often visible as imperial only to the anti-imperialists on the other side, but the media were naturally quick to rise above such merely national partisanship and anathematize all the world's residue of imperialism as the result of America's conduct of the Cold War.
So the vast bulk of both men's energies might have gone into reminding their fellow-citizens of how bad things were in America before the Progressive Movement and the New Deal - before the beginnings of what we are now being asked to anathematize as "big government.
He did anathematize the Ismailis and the Avicennan philosophers (one wonders at what level this may have been self-anathematization, at the very least in the latter case?
To anathematize Morris' large-scale sculpture as "theatrical," for example, was to push at an open door, in that many of the objects in question had begun life as props in dance and performance pieces.
They thought it a harsh punishment to anathematize a deacon should she marry, that is, that the church would consider her to have placed herself and her spouse outside of the Christian community simply ply by marrying.
The first follows directly upon the text cited first above: `And we anathematize those who contrive diverse forms of worship, one divine and one human, and who revere the man born from Mary as if he were different from the God born from God' (28.
I couldn't back off even if Orson Welles were to descend from heaven and anathematize the picture, with Renoir at his right hand and Ozu at his left.