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Synonyms for anathema

Synonyms for anathema

a denunciation invoking a wish or threat of evil or injury

an object of extreme dislike

Synonyms for anathema

a detested person

a formal ecclesiastical curse accompanied by excommunication

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That they are textually interwoven, are often almost identical to central works in The Roman Quarry and Other Sequences, served as the source manuscripts for The Sleeping Lord and Other Fragments, and are related to The Anathemata obviously complicates the issue.
Composed of bits and pieces of the Roman poems, chunks of Celtic material, and sections that evoke "Middle Sea and Lear Sea" from The Anathemata, the work moves back and forth between narration and meditation, from particular speaker to disembodied consciousness, as it moves from Jerusalem to Wales and back again, apparently ordered only by Jones' associations.
Part of the problem stems from Jones' insertional method, the same method he used to create The Anathemata, another layered text where his technique resulted in sudden and often unexpected shifts.
That even the eight movements of The Anathemata are titled appears to be an afterthought, as a note Jones wrote on the typed copy sent to the printer attests:
I think, perhaps, I may as well make public all the stuff behind The Anathemata that I had suppressed.
Only by having access to the manuscripts Hague and Grisewood had and to The Anathemata manuscripts, which they did not, have I been able to recover the missing manuscript to which they allude in their edition.