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Synonyms for anathema

Synonyms for anathema

a denunciation invoking a wish or threat of evil or injury

an object of extreme dislike

Synonyms for anathema

a detested person

a formal ecclesiastical curse accompanied by excommunication

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Already three points adrift in the league, without a win and with the worst defensive record, his cautious approach will have been anathema to his usual practice but he is experienced enough to know that another big loss will have hurt his players immeasurably.
In 2015, Anathema performed a sellout a gig at Liverpool Cathedral to celebrate their 25th anniversary.
The word anathema is of Greek origin, a derivative of the verb anatithenai, which means "to set up, dedicate." In the Septuagint, an influential Greek translation of the Hebrew scriptures, anathema was used to mean "something offered to God," and could refer either to a revered object or an object representing destruction brought about in the name of the Lord.
Once anathema to party members for her feudal arrogance, she has of late made it a point to keep all leaders in the loop
But complex character creation and microtransaction-heavy progression (apart from the most basic kit, everything must be bought) will be anathema to COD kids.
The unusual word count of one-hundred seems okay, yet his first constraint rules out anadiplosis or epanalepsis: every anaphora is anathema. (Whoops.
It seems that it is easiest in Macedonia to thrown an anathema on a different opinion as if this is the main reason for the political defeats, the weakening of the front, confusion of voters.
ANATHEMA WEATHER SYSTEMS FOR their latest release, Liverpudlian rockers Anathema have continued along the path they set upon with their We're Here Because We're Here album.
Wood also criticised the Baby Einstein range of educational children's toys, saying: "The idea that there is only one way for a child to be intellectually developed is anathema to me."
Such a frivolous method of marketing might be anathema to older members of the profession, but Eye thinks that, if we are serious about attracting the next generation of budding engineers, then social media must be embraced.
Mesha'al said the notion of an exclusive Jewish nation was anathema to the Palestinians because it means giving up what he described as the right of six million Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland in what is now Israel.
Drury's argument, however, oversteps the bounds of reasonable evidence when she claims that the legacy of modernity 'was anathema to the Catholic Church and her popes--and still is' (9: italics mine).
Times do change, considering that the man was more or less anathema to the paper's editors a few short years ago.
vehicle manufacturers seem to think that the station wagon is an anathema (or maybe it has something to do with the profitability provided by SUVs and now crossovers), that's not shared by manufacturers in other parts of the world.