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Synonyms for anathema

Synonyms for anathema

a denunciation invoking a wish or threat of evil or injury

an object of extreme dislike

Synonyms for anathema

a detested person

a formal ecclesiastical curse accompanied by excommunication

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Anathema | |are preparing for their date at LIVERPOOl Anglican Cathedral on March 7, to mark their 25th year together
Far from anathemas, these are virtually point-by-point correlations with the Lockean ideas listed above.
Rather than drawing any lessons from the many mistakes of his country's tragic economic past, Nestor Kirchner is again obliviously resorting to pervasive price controls and anti-market regulations that are anathema to both domestic and foreign investors.
It has steadfastly backed the war in Iraq, even though the notion of nation-building was once anathema to the GOP.
Their vision for the site and the more time-consuming process needed to gain the necessary approvals made the larger plan anathema from the start to the ESDC, which was trying to fast track development of the station so that it could get started on the project before Governor Pataki left office at the end of the year.
His style, anathema to purists, proved both influential and liberating for other choreographers.
Bob Rae, MP, 57--The former Ontario premier's name is anathema to pro-family supporters.
Anathema to a materialist world, ether persists in the modern world, reports Milutis (art, U.
That sort of thinking is anathema to the set-aside-everything-to-win-this-time Democratic Party.
I was told, a long time ago, that Lady Godiva because of what she stood for (or should I say rode for) on behalf of citizens, ie high local taxation, was/is anathema to Coventry City Council.
Any celebration of Christmas in the public square is anathema to the ACLU.
Their discourse is marked by a fervid, arrogant, and pros elytizing rhetoric; voicing dissent against these orthodoxies is anathema.
He taught by example that intellect and scholarship are anathema to sham, arrogance, and professional inflexibility.
In large parts of London, the idea of wholesale replacement is anathema (about 80 per cent of the borough of Westminster comprises designated conservation areas, for example).
Veneman succeeds Carol Bellamy who was an anathema to the Bush administration.