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Synonyms for anastrophe

the reversal of the normal order of words


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that" structure and the use of rhetorical anastrophe for the purpose of rhyming "brings" with "kings," the syntactical structure of the concluding couplet is relatively simple and clear.
ANASTROPHE A Striking down B Inversion C Denunciation who am I?
Moreover, the revenge against onte is focalized there quite explicitly: "da giusto spinto e generoso sdegno," a moralization made more apparent by anastrophe. The scene thus uses the conventional bid for power through war as a way to define Francis as an honorable knight.
This sentence had been amended by the author in order to make the first word tian qi keep parallelism with the first words kong-shan in the first line, using the method of anastrophe (word order inversion) The correct syntactic order should be wan fat tian qi qiu meaning the evening comes and the weather gets cooler in the autumn.
The third couplet uses an anastrophe that the English translation cannot fully represent.
He quotes Winston Churchill employing anastrophe, the inversion of the usual order of words or clauses: "[T]he long night of barbarism will descend, unbroken even by a star of hope, unless we conquer, as conquer we must; as conquer we shall" (p.