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a natural or surgical joining of parts or branches of tubular structures so as to make or become continuous

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Indicators observed postoperatively were as follows: (1) rate of anastomotic leakage; (2) rate of postoperative short-term (before hospital discharge) ileus; (3) rate of postoperative long-term (6 months after surgery) ileus; (4) rate of respiratory infections; (5) rate of urinary tract infections; and (6) rate of deep venous thrombosis.
Effect of anastomotic length on the development of intimal hyperplasia in the distal anastomosis of bypass graft.
In patients deemed to require EBD re-implementation, EBD was often performed at the anastomotic site, and the length of the stenosis was significantly greater than those patients not requiring additional EBD (Figure 5, Table 3).
b) Radiographic evaluation: Post-surgically, contrast radiography was performed using 56% solution of barium sulphate @ 12 ml/kg body weight to check any leakage or stenosis formation at the anastomotic site.
Key Words: Enteric stoma, Ileo-colostomy, Colostomy, Early stoma closure, Anastomosis, Anastomotic leak
We have observed that a number of these cases develop anastomotic leaks even in experienced hands.
Post-operative local complications included wound infection, anastomotic leakage, post-operative ileus, post-operative bleeding, and foecal fistula/ entero-cutaneous fistula, incisional hernia.
GI Windows is a clinical-stage medical device company developing an incision-less anastomotic system that can be used to create non-surgical therapies to treat Type 2 diabetes.
The company's technology includes EasyApex CV a suction-assisted heart positioner and sewing ring holder, Endo LV a specially designed balloon catheter, ApiCor a suction-assisted coring tool and Anastomotic Suturing Connector.
Diverse therapies for the management of anastomotic leakage after esophageal atresia repair have been reported with various outcomes.
Pathological examination revealed chronic cholecystitis on mucosal tissue with erosions, hyperplasia of fibrous connective tissue and congestion of the blood vessels in the anastomotic tissue (Fig.
Cardiac anastomotic devices company Cardica (NasdaqCM:CRDC) stated on Friday that it recorded a net loss of USD4.
Cardica makes proprietary stapling and anastomotic devices for cardiac and laparoscopic surgical procedures.