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a natural or surgical joining of parts or branches of tubular structures so as to make or become continuous

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8) During our initial transplant experience, salient lessons learnt include: (i) a high level of vigilance is required during the multivisceral procurement procedure, particularly to identify aberrant arterial anatomy as accidental division of accessory and/or replaced vessels with subsequent reconstruction increases the risk of HAT; and (ii) that additional factors contributing to the risk of HAT during the remainder of the transplant include prolonged cold ischaemic time, intra-operative anastomotic revision, and the use of interposition grafts.
A month later, contrast studies showed complete resolution of the anastomotic stricture and no evidence of colo-cutaneous fistula (Figure 2).
23) Patients may present with epigastric pain from ulcerations along the anastomotic site.
A Gastrografin enema did not reveal an anastomotic leak and an abdominal CT scan did not reveal an abscess.
18) Techniques for urethroplasty include excision with primary anastomosis (anastomotic urethroplasty), incision with onlay graft or flap repair, and stricture excision with an anastomosis that is augmented with a graft (excisional augmented anastomotic urethroplasty).
This can involve full resection of the ischemic tissue and a full new anastomosis, or a Y-V-plasty at the anastomotic site.
Gore continues to work closely with leading surgeons in colorectal surgery to further demonstrate the benefits of the GORE SEAMGUARD([R]) Material and address anastomotic integrity.
The Company's second product, Sylys Surgical Sealant, the first synthetic sealant designed specifically to help reduce anastomotic leaks, is currently under the CE Mark approval process.
14] describe an anastomotic urethroplasty with a ventral or dorsal graft/flap for stricture that are obliterative and long (>1 cm) to bridge the gap.
While living in Frankfurt, Germany she had responsibility for both European clinical trial execution and European commercialization of the first automated distal coronary anastomotic device used in coronary surgery.
Five cases were due to uretero-intestinal anastomotic stricture, including 1 as a result of postoperative anastomotic leak resulting in a stricture rate of 17.
ORLANDO -- Superobese males and patients with anastomotic leak have a fourfold increased risk of pulmonary embolism after gastric bypass surgery, according to a study presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Bariatric Surgery.
Preliminary Data Shows a Statistically Significant Reduction in Anastomotic Stricture Rate and Trends toward Decreased Anastomotic Bleeding and Leak Rates
According to the FDA, "The Sylys Surgical Sealant affects life-threatening gastrointestinal anastomosis leaks, and there are no approved adjuncts to standard closure techniques for the reinforcement of anastomotic junctions in gastrointestinal surgical procedures.