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a natural or surgical joining of parts or branches of tubular structures so as to make or become continuous

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The third step is to start making the diamond-shape anastomosis from the distal end of the distal duodenum halfway down the lower end of the bulbus with standing Vicryl 5/0 sutures.
An end-to-end single-layer anastomosis was constructed using 8 interrupted polypropylene monofilament 6/0 sutures (Premilene[R]; B.
Some of the techniques most frequently used for reconstructing vessels include end-to-side (E-S) anastomosis of a branch vessel to the main artery, anastomosis of a branch vessel to the aortic patch, side-to-side (S-S) anastomosis of two aortic patches, anastomosing two renal arteries together to form a single stem, end-to-end (E-E) anastomosis of the main renal artery to a donor arterial graft, E-E anastomosis of the main renal artery to a synthetic graft, and anastomosis of a polar artery to the inferior epigastric artery of the recipient [3].
Upon exploratory laparotomy, no significant change was observed in the internal and external diameters at the site of anastomosis, between Groups A and B.
Classic surgical approach to rectal cancer is neoadjuvant radiotherapy, segmental resection of the involved rectum with free margins, colorectal anastomosis, and diverting loop ileostomy except in stage I.
Tumor-specific mesorectal excision (TSME) was performed for the upper rectal cancer and when the mesorectal excision level was 5 cm from the lower edge of the tumor.5,6 The mode of anastomosis includes stapled anastomosis and manual anastomosis.
Failure of GI anastomosis was established when there was frank discharge of eneteric contents in drain or through suture line, or if leak was found at contrast radiography or re-exploration for localized/generalized peritonitis or peritoneal abscess.
Two drains were used, and they were placed next to the pancreas and bile duct anastomosis from the right and left.
The aim of our study is to determine the role of perioperative glutamine, arginine and HMB-rich diet on anastomosichealing after elective colonic anastomosis in rats.
Laparotomy revealed a tumor mass at the level of gastrojejunal anastomosis and lymph node enlargement in the mesentery of the first jejunal loop, with no secondary tumors in the abdomen.
A large body of literature suggests that factors affecting CD clinical recurrence include smoking, type of anastomosis, duration of disease, penetrating diseases (6), perianal lesions (7), and upper gastrointestinal lesions (8).
(3,4) Tubal anastomosis can be a technically challenging surgical procedure when done by laparoscopy, especially given the microsurgical elements that are required.
23, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- Opiate-free surgery is feasible for patients undergoing elective colon resections with anastomosis, with shorter length of stay for patients not receiving narcotics, according to a study presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Surgeons, held from Oct.
Its classification is based on anastomosis groups, which is defined as the somatic, or vegetative, manifestation of incompatibility between hyphae of different isolates of R.solani (Sneh et al., 1996).