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Synonyms for anastomose

come together or open into each other

cause to join or open into each other by anastomosis

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Two additional cases met the criteria of anastomosing hemangioma-like pattern in CCRCC.
The complex anastomosing condition has been described in the Ambystomatidae (Baker and Taylor, 1964; Siegel et al.
Mineralization in this area consists of anastomosing, sheeted, and complex networks of quartz-sulphide veinlets and fracture coatings which average 2 to 5 centimetres in width and have various orientations.
As I read the dream bloomed and I entered it He was speaking "matters of grace" anastomosing anti-worlds He evoked the common dream so that we were facets of the zeitgeist sleepwalkers puppets but we could follow our strings our fracture lines back into the glow Gratefully I told him my own dream visions climbing through rotten museums The mortuary dream in which the lovers mix delicately as liquids in the grave Peter's explanations the dry cerements lightning hit the evidential pot The Black girl and Mendelssohn his music a rustling of angels Was her angry cry the world regained?
The mineralized zone occurs in a brittle fault structure consisting of anastomosing gouge zones.
The Bricker technique, initially described in the early 1950s, involves spatulating and anastomosing each ureter to the serosa of the bowel segment separately (Fig.
The tumor was composed of a monomorphous population of small round cells lining microcystic structures and forming pseudoacini and fine anastomosing trabeculae and cords.
8,10) Histologically, tumors contain a proliferation of ramifying and anastomosing vascular channels that "dissect" through surrounding structures.
They display several growth characteristics: glandular spaces, trabeculae, festoons, ribbonlike patterns, anastomosing cords, and solid sheets with variable cohesiveness.
The anastomosing and disorganized vascular sinusoidal channels produced irregular blood-filled lumina lined by tall and plump endothelial-like cells that contained vesicular nuclei and small nucleoli.
The surgeon's comment: "The Tissue Bonding technology techniques enable the surgeon to reliably bond the large intestine, and to do a hemostatic bond before anastomosing and bringing the intestine down, without application of needles, sutural materials, staples or other foreign matter.