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Synonyms for anastomose

come together or open into each other

cause to join or open into each other by anastomosis

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The right atrium was then anastomosed ; the posterior opening in the donor's right atrium to the remaining right atrial wall and septum of the patient's heart.
It is then wrapped and anastomosed around the coronary and proximal anastomosis to secure the potential bleeding sites.
The blood supply to the cut ends of the bowel to be anastomosed has to be preserved.
Ureters are spatulated and anastomosed independently to the ileal segment, (the ureteroileal anastomoses can be tunnelled).
Most often, the donor hepatic artery is anastomosed in an end-to-end fashion to the recipient hepatic artery or between the donor celiac axis and bifurcation points (right and left hepatic or GDA and PHA) of the recipient.
We created a new bladder for the patient using 40 centimetres of his small intestine anastomosed in one side to the ureters and distally to the urethra.
The segment is removed, along with its vascular pedicle, and the ends of the remaining jejunum approximated and anastomosed.
The following year, two further shunts were performed on children aged 11 and six; in these cases, the brachiocephalic artery, on the right side, was anastomosed end to side into the pulmonary artery.
The former usually anastomosed with the sulcal branch of RCA while the later extended downwards on the posterior surface of the left ventricle.
Paraphyses moderately branched and anastomosed, 1,2-2 [micro]m wide.
Peritendinous blood vessels penetrated the tendon and anastomosed with the longitudinally oriented intratendinous network.