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Synonyms for anastomose

come together or open into each other

cause to join or open into each other by anastomosis

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In the latter group they used a vein patch to reconstruct the LAD and then LIMA was anastomosed to the patch.
Before CPB was initiated, the LSCA was anastomosed to the first branch of a four-branched graft (Vascutek, Inchinnan, United Kingdom) (duration = 10 min).
Its nerve originated from the ebSLN and anastomosed with the ibSLN in all cases.
The perforator was anastomosed end-to-end to the perforator digital artery/perforator using 10/0 Polyamide.
The right atrium was then anastomosed ; the posterior opening in the donor's right atrium to the remaining right atrial wall and septum of the patient's heart.
(b) Debranching graft's proximal anastomosis was performed end to side to right common carotid artery; graft's carotid leg was anastomosed to left common carotid artery end to end; graft's left subclavian artery leg was anastomosed to the left subclavian artery end to side; and left subclavian artery was simply ligated proximally.
4 weeks), an exploratory laparotomy was performed to measure the intra-luminal diameter of the anastomosed area of the jejunum, inspection of the gross appearance and for detection of any other abnormality if present.
The luminal disparity of the two organs to be anastomosed has to be checked.
Their medial walls are anastomosed together and the free edges of the newly conjoined ureters are then anastomosed to the proximal end of an open bowel segment.
the inferior mesenteric artery is anastomosed with the internal iliac artery via the hemorrhoidal plexus.
Finally, delayed venous drainage is a technique in which the artery is anastomosed first, and the vein is subsequently anastomosed 8-12 hours later [5].
What makes this case interesting is that left internal mammarian artery (LIMA) was anastomosed to the left anterior descending artery (LAD); furthermore, the proximal anastomoses of the arterial grafts belonging to the circumflex (CX) and the right coronary arteries (RCA) were anastomosed to LIMA using the composite T-grafting technique.
Most often, the donor hepatic artery is anastomosed in an end-to-end fashion to the recipient hepatic artery or between the donor celiac axis and bifurcation points (right and left hepatic or GDA and PHA) of the recipient.
We created a new bladder for the patient using 40 centimetres of his small intestine anastomosed in one side to the ureters and distally to the urethra.