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Synonyms for anastomose

come together or open into each other

cause to join or open into each other by anastomosis

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A arteria ileocecal (aic) representou um dos ramos da bifurcacao, trifurcacao ou anastomose terminal da amco (Figura 1, esquemas tipo 1 a 4).
The collecting ducts of the kidney exit the kidney laterally, travel ventrally, and either communicate with the cloaca individually, anastomose and then communicate with the cloaca, or anastomose and communicate with the Wolffian duct (state 1).
Objectives: To evaluate the results of separate anastomoses of multiple arteries of the donor kidney with the external iliac artery of the recipient in renal transplant surgery.
Clinical parameters were retrospectively reviewed from patient's charts, including demographics, use of interpositional vein grafts or local anastomoses, timing, complications, length of stay, and perioperative nutritional status.
Intercoronary anastomosis: Blumgart et al (1) studied the coronary arteries of 44 pigs and did not find any visible intercoronary anastomoses in 43 hearts.
It anastomoses with the branches of the anterior tibial artery (arrowheads) that accompany the second nerve supply (N2) to the fibularis brevis.
There are extensive anastomoses between these arteries, homolateral and heterolateral, the latter crossing the midline, and therefore able to vascularise the opposite side of the scalp.
Although anastomoses are an essential part of gastrointestinal (GI) surgery, they have carry a high risk for morbidity and mortality due to potential complications.
During the transplantation, we could not make sufficient space to anastomose the renal artery after endarterectomy; therefore, we finally decided to reconstruct the external artery using the PTFE vascular graft.
Em choque cardiogenico e dependente de aminas vasoativas veio transferida para o HSJA sendo realizado cateterismo de emergencia que revelou oclusao dos enxertos de safena, hiperplasia intimal focal de 90% em anastomose de MA-DA e arteria coronaria direita ocluida em seu 1/3 proximal.
Isso pode ser explicado pelos avancos nas UTIs neonatais, mas principalmente pela disponibilidade de tratamento intrauterino, em particular da fetoscopia para coagulacao a laser (FCL) das anastomoses placentarias.
The permeable aortic distal lumen gives rise to two well opacified voluminous lumbar collateral arteries, establishing anastomoses with internal iliac arteries.
(8) investigated the effects of pharmacological manipulation of postoperative intestinal motility on the resistance of colonic anastomoses and concluded that the use of metoclopramide was associated with fewer adhesions to the anastomosis and, consequently, with a significant decrease in anastomotic resistance 4 days after surgery.