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Synonyms for anastigmatic

pertaining to a lens or lens system free of astigmatism (able to form point images)


not astigmatic



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Of Patients Percentage 1 Vomiting 08 11.76% 2 Abdominal Distension 06 8.82% 3 Wound Infection 07 10.29% 4 Electrolyte imbalance 03 4.41% 5 RTI/Aspiration Pneumonia 02 2.49% 6 Wound Dehiscence 01 1.47% 7 Anastigmatic Leak 01 1.47% Early Feeding Outcome Tolerate 56 Don't Tolerate 12 Note: Table made from pie chart.
The belligerents on both sides had been constantly improving their method of aerial photography, and in their efforts to combine a large image with a short exposure had produced large fast anastigmatic lenses with a wide covering power, admirably suited to the more peaceful pursuit of celestial photography'.
Gradually, his techniques and use of new devices in the studio evolved, including new backdrops with painted columns and gray landscapes, a wall of blue glass, European furniture, and two bellows cameras with anastigmatic lenses.