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generalized edema with accumulation of serum in subcutaneous connective tissue

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Virus infection or Nonimmune Fetal growth disease anasarca restriction LCMV + n Toxoplasmosis + + Rubella virus [+ or -] + CMV + + HSV + + Syphilis + + Parvovirus B19 ++ + Zika virus ([section]) + ++ * Data were obtained from Anderson et al.
On examination, a raised jugular venous pressure was accompanied by anasarca (with prominent ascites).
No es clara hasta ahora la fisiopatologia de este sindrome; algunos autores proponen que es secundario a la administracion de la HCG para la estimulacion ovarica, que incrementa la expresion del acido ribonucleico (ARN) mensajero para el factor de crecimiento endotelial vascular (VEGF) y el receptor de VEGF 2, lo que conlleva a un aumento en la permeabilidad vascular, extravasacion de proteinas al espacio intersticial y deplecion del volumen intravascular; esto genera un desequilibrio hemodinamico y electrolitico con la consecuente aparicion de tercer espacio (ascitis, derrame pleural y pericardico) y edemas progresivos hasta un estado de anasarca y choque hipovolemico (3).
Based on clinical signs and repeated electrocardiographic evidence of increased heart rate with regular R-R interval, the turtle was diagnosed with anasarca associated with sinus tachycardia.
Additional findings included abdominal distension with hepatomegaly 3 cm below the coastal ridge, tenderness on palpation and anasarca, grade III oedema of the limbs, and asymmetrical left limb diameter.
Ultrasound examination revealed a single male fetus with anasarca, bilateral hydrothorax, a pericardial effusion, cardiomegaly, severe ascites, polyhydramnios and decreased fetal movements.
Source of Data: Children presenting with Anasarca (Edema) up to 14 yrs of age in Pediatrics Outpatient and Inpatient departments in Government General Hospital, Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada from June 2014 to June 2015 were the source of cases for study.
Paciente de 76 anos con antecedente de hipertension arterial controlada con 2 antihipertensivos (losartan y amlodipino) quien consulto por un cuadro clinico de perdida de peso objetiva de 4 kg en dos meses, edema que progreso hasta la anasarca y dolor dorsolumbar.
9-12) A toxicologic study in ostriches (Struthio camelus) consuming avocado revealed gross anasarca of the neck and ventral body, and macroscopic degeneration and necrosis of myocytes, with marked heterophilic infiltration and fibroplasia.
On physical examination he presented with decreased vesicu- lar murmur and diffuse wheezing and crepitation who ascended to bilateral subclavian region; blood pressure reached 160/90 mmHg and heart rate was96/minut; he developed leg edema which then expanded and progressed to the stage of anasarca while creatinine increased but not more than 3.
On examination, she weighed 29 kg, was eupneic, eucardiac, febrile, pale, malnourished, with anasarca, asthenic, and unable to walk without bilateral support.
The hospitalist team managed the patient's anasarca with IV Lasix[R] and metoleazone (Zaroxolyn[R]).
Used with permission ISMP Canada Table 2: Indication for vasopressor use identified Indication at the start Indication as reassessed over the of vasopressor therapy course of vasopressor therapy post sedation septic shock hemorrhagic shock septic shock dialysis-induced septic shock septic shock anasarca in need of diuresis post-cardiopulmonary bypass cardiogenic shock
Over the next 7 days, the patient developed bilateral pleural effusions, splenomegaly, anasarca, hemoptysis, and watery diarrhea with blood.
He presented his memoir, Observatio experimentis confirmata, pro hydrope pectori, pulmonum anasarca, et hydropericardio cognoscendis; et nova methodus dittos morbos operandi, to the Society of the School of Medicine in Paris in 1815.