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generalized edema with accumulation of serum in subcutaneous connective tissue

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Inclusion Criteria: The study includes children below 14years of age with complaints of Anasarca (edema), with proteinuria, Hypoprotenemia and Hypercholestremia on biochemical examination, taking proteinuria and edema as essential features.
In severe cases of heart disease, anasarca (or generalized edema) can include scrotal edema.
Both patients in this case report had existing anasarca at the time of PleurX insertion, and subcutaneous fluid leak was anticipated.
Locoregional involvement shown by CT in our case included mild anasarca with free fluid in the pelvis and edema through the retroperitoneal fat plane.
The physical exam found: diffuse hepatomegaly without pain 2 cm below the right costal and anasarca (extreme generalized edema) flange.
Quando as carcacas se apresentarem com distensao abdominal decorrente da presenca de grande quantidade de liquido ascitico no abdomen e/ou hidropericardio, e tambem quando houver ocorrencia com outras alteracoes como congestao sanguinea, cianose, anasarca, caquexia, entre outros, deverao ser totalmente condenadas.
The patielat's condition continued to deteriorate, developing renal failure, anasarca and hyperkalemia.
In debility, anasarca, heart disease, chlorotic anemia, and hysteria he found components of the blood effused into the urine.
described a case of large granular lymphocyte leukemia presenting with anasarca and left ventricular dilatation, inferolateral myocardial involvement, and severe systolic dysfunction [3].
Ten days post delivery, twin 1 presented to a peripheral hospital with anasarca, failure to thrive and clinical sepsis.
10 patients (20%) have developed pedal edema with/without Anasarca of those in whom oliguria was seen in 7 (i.e., in 70 % of those who developed pedal edema with/without anasarca).
(2004) also reported dystocia due to foetal anasarca and Majeed et al.