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generalized edema with accumulation of serum in subcutaneous connective tissue

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Locoregional involvement shown by CT in our case included mild anasarca with free fluid in the pelvis and edema through the retroperitoneal fat plane.
She had reported no chronic diarrhea, heart failure symptoms, anasarca edema, or nephrotic syndrome throughout the course of her disease.
Surely my colleagues know that malaria is not a disease that has been conquered and relegated to antiquity like anasarca, aphthae or lues (those diseases still exist; the names are the only things that were jettisoned).
Our patient was atypical in some aspects including age at presentation, generalized anasarca type edema and severe anemia requiring multiple transfusions.
She then began to develop gen eralized anasarca, metacarpalphalangeal joint pain, and right temporomandibular joint tenderness.
Skeletal deformity of the spine and ribcage can stiffen the respiratory system, as can conditions such as anasarca (severe generalized edema), and burn eschar.
The second (case 34) had a BMI of 38 at autopsy but had been admitted to hospital 38 days earlier with a BMI of 27 and subsequently developed marked anasarca.