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Synonyms for anarchist

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Synonyms for anarchist

an advocate of anarchism

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This book explores anarchist themes in Joss Whedon's films and television series and how his work portrays anarchist critiques of contemporary society and positive anarchist perspectives of how society should be.
The center of that anarchist activity, if anarchist activity can have a center, is the neighborhood known as Exarchia.
An American Anarchist: The Life of Voltairine de Cleyre is an in-depth biography of American writer, speaker, feminist, and anarchist Voltairine de Cleyre (18661912).
A MASKED anarchist marches past a blazing Renault garage yesterday during anti-capitalist demonstrations in Paris on the 50th anniversary of riots and civil unrest across France.
THE TRANSNATIONAL TURN IN LABOUR and migration studies has produced stimulating developments in the history of the anarchist and radical movements in the North and South Americas and has raised a considerable number of methodological and epistemological challenges, most of which are dealt with, or emerge, in Marcella Bencivenni, Travis Tomchuk and Kenyon Zimmer's works and in the collection of essays edited by Geoffroy de Laforcade, and Kirwin Shaffer.
They also shed some light on the role that the anarchist movement in Egypt played in disseminating radical social and political ideas and practices in a territory that was in the process of being integrated in the global capitalist market.
This paper addresses the recent rediscovery of anarchist geographies and its implications in current debates on the 'foundations' of science and knowledge.
An important research question that has developed out of this history is whether these weaknesses among the Russian anarchists grew out of anarchist ideology itself or if there was something idiosyncratic about the way the Russians interpreted anarchist theory.
Coupling government's capabilities and its natural propensity for violence, state invasion of anarchist territory should be considered inevitable.
On July 29, 1900, Italy's King, Umberto I, who had previously escaped two attempts at his life, was shot and killed by Gaetano Bresci, a young Italian anarchist weaver who had migrated to Paterson, New Jersey in 1898.
Immigrants Against the State examines the rise and fall of the American anarchist movement, from the peak years of southern and eastern European immigration to the start of the Cold War.
Travis Tomchuck brings the anarchist movement in Canada and the United States to life from a transnational perspective.
The focus of this study is the close relations that existed between the British and French anarchist movements between 1880 and 1914.
It does so by tracing the networks of solidarity and collaboration that connected radical organizers and writers based in Puerto Rico with anarchist comrades in other parts of the Americas.