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a political theory favoring the abolition of governments

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Di Paola, likewise, explores how many of the key debates within Italian anarchism played out in London, roughly between organizationalists largely represented by Malatesta and Merlino, who favoured unions and strikes, and rejected "propaganda of the deed" on the one hand, and anti-organizationalists under the leadership of insurrectionists like Luigi Parmeggiani and Vittorio Pini on the other (Di Paola pp.
Case studies analyze the history and influence of anarchism and syndicalism in colonial and postcolonial contexts (and thus within the larger context of late 19th and early 20th century imperialism and globalization) from the 1870s to the 1930s.
Carefully following more than two decades of Zola scholarship, Febles traces the fault lines that trouble Zola's treatment of anarchism. If Zola cannot be held responsible for his wariness regarding what he perceives to be anarchy's violent means, Febles demonstrates how Zola is nevertheless liable for misrepresenting, diluting and ultimately erasing anarchism as a political phenomenon of Third Republic France, after having exploited and then absorbed its allure into an alternative anti-bourgeois stance in his novels.
Scott continues in that vein with Two Cheers for Anarchism. If, in light of Scott's previous work, you have ever asked what exactly makes him tick, you will begin to get a sense of it here.
Appendix B on "Anarchism and Terrorism" offers a fuller selection of sources, including The Times's account of the 1894 Greenwich explosion, excerpts from Conrad's letters to R.
In Europe, anarchism ascended as a counterweight to the rise of fascism and far-right-wing politics, and the movement thrived for a time before World War II as various leftist radical organizations fought for their place in the rebuilding of the continent.
In Active Anarchy, Jeff Shantz details a number of case studies that demonstrate the influence of anarchism on contemporary social movements.
A determined advocate of socialism anarchism, Lucy E.
"Anarchism means struggling against the authority of the state and capitalism; that's why if you're not a leftist, you can't be anarchist," said Yasser Abdullah, a freelance translator.
Chomsky on Anarchism neatly dodges this charge by delving into a canon spanning five decades, tracing a string of foundational texts and interviews which outlay the hinted-at--but rarely cited--role of anarchist philosophy as a starting point for his seminal political and social narratives.
With these brief biographical accounts, York has churned out a highly engaging Christian political theology that he calls "Christian anarchism," which opposes "the triple axis of evil" - materialism, racism and militarism (xvi).
He also takes seriously O'Neill's anarchism, a miserable failure as an applied form of philosophy, but one that he always kept in mind, as we see so well in Iceman (241-46).
Continue reading "Tales of the Jewish Working Class, Part 3: Anarchism and the Multicultural Joys of New York" at...
the social ecology of Guattari and the social anarchism of Bookchin.