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a political theory favoring the abolition of governments

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Although that aspect of anarchism may not seem practical at the present moment, today's anti-capitalist and anti-colonial activists in the island stand to learn valuable lessons from the way some of the most radical activists in Puerto Rico's history Ji.
Case studies analyze the history and influence of anarchism and syndicalism in colonial and postcolonial contexts (and thus within the larger context of late 19th and early 20th century imperialism and globalization) from the 1870s to the 1930s.
If Zola cannot be held responsible for his wariness regarding what he perceives to be anarchy's violent means, Febles demonstrates how Zola is nevertheless liable for misrepresenting, diluting and ultimately erasing anarchism as a political phenomenon of Third Republic France, after having exploited and then absorbed its allure into an alternative anti-bourgeois stance in his novels.
But I prefer Kejriwal's anarchism to Congress and BJP's status quo," he said.
But Scott's is an anarchism of a particularly anti-dogmatic bent.
Despite the 1970s historiographical shift towards a more critical interpretation of Puerto Rican social history, anarchism still lags behind in this academic effort.
People embrace philosophical anarchism for different reasons.
2bn with many socio-economic complexities resulting from ethnic diversities, economic imbalances, social disparities and cultural multiplicity, India has been able to avoid anarchism to a large extent with certain built-in structural safeguards.
Agathocleous's concise introduction to The Secret Agent situates the novel in terms of its publication history, its relation to Conrad's interests and oeuvre, its critique of Victorian mores and genres, contemporary concerns about anarchism and violence, its connection to literary naturalism and the themes of degeneration and heat death, and its afterlife in contemporary culture.
In Active Anarchy, Jeff Shantz details a number of case studies that demonstrate the influence of anarchism on contemporary social movements.
A determined advocate of socialism anarchism, Lucy E.
The numbers of the Occupy movement were notably reduced last month after a dispute between factions over the theoretical merits of post-anarchism and classical anarchism resulted in the die-hard anarchists walking out.
Anarchism is a socio-political movement that mobilizes society without seeking power, he added.
For all of the attention that has been given to the history of terrorism, to international anarchism at the turn of the twentieth century, and to the anarchist bombers of Paris, precious little has been said about the public debate that circled around these men.
Chomsky on Anarchism neatly dodges this charge by delving into a canon spanning five decades, tracing a string of foundational texts and interviews which outlay the hinted-at--but rarely cited--role of anarchist philosophy as a starting point for his seminal political and social narratives.