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Synonyms for anarchic

Synonyms for anarchic

without law or control

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This anarchic exploitation had a negative impact on the reserves of the marble rocks and caused a unbalance of the market, he said.
BBC Four controller Richard Klein said: "Kenny Everett was a genuine original - wild and unfocused maybe, but also deliciously anarchic and always entertaining.
The Anarchic scale indicates how much the respondent is motivated by a potpourri of needs and not having rules for setting priorities.
The country is notorious as an anarchic zone where ruthless warlords push around pitiful peasants and government is completely absent.
LONDON, December 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Benrik, the authors of the anarchic book "This Diary Will Change Your Life", today released a videotape they have sent to Osama Bin Laden for Christmas via Al-Jazeera.
365), "took on a band of home-grown terrorists, anarchic, coherently livid, armed-to-the-teeth "Freeman," endangering his own life when he confronted the lawlessness of this militia who seized the town, cowed the local police and were only a few miles and minutes away from lynching him.
With his savage, intelligent wit and his "I can't believe he just said that" charm, Landry has been convulsing audiences since he and director-actor Jim Byrne started the anarchic drag troupe the Gold Dust Orphans in the mid 1990s.
For its anarchic and arresting animation style, Flux captured the award for Best Narrative Short Film under 40 Minutes at the recent Ottawa 2002 International Animation Festival.
In Paris, Haussmann and Baudelaire represent the competing yet complementary poles of modernity, the Prefect inscribing order and efficiency in the rebuilt city centre, the poet celebrating the pleasurable disorder of the crowd that swarmed intoxicatingly in the rationally reconfigured yet anarchic new streetscape.
This almost anarchic concept was brought to life in 1994.
THE anarchic state that has befallen open racing in Britain is highlighted in the latest edition of the NGRC Calendar.
For the anarchic duo like nothing better than doing their surreal sketches stark naked.
SCIENTISTS say there are now at least 40 people suffering from a condition known as Anarchic Hand.
But he quickly adds that without the Netscape web browser, the Internet would have languished in the shadows, perceived as something mysterious and anarchic.
To preserve order, however, the proper authorities must be able to control the violent and anarchic behavior that fuels wars of conquest and revenge.