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loss of structural differentiation within a cell or group of cells often with increased capacity for multiplication, as in a malignant tumor

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New definitions of focal and diffuse anaplasia in Wilms tumour: the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) experience.
A considerable proportion of tumors with anaplasia have occurred in the setting of prior radiation therapy (38,39) even though anaplastic transformation is not always associated with a history of prior irradiation (37,38,40).
(A) Proliferacao de celulas epiteliais com discreta anaplasia. (B) Proliferacao de celulas epiteliais distribuidas em pequenas formacoes tubulo papilares (seta) e, no permeio, verificam-se areas de diferenciacao condroide (seta cheia).
Only a few years ago, the golden standard for glioma classification has based mainly on their morphological features, including cells of origin, degree of differentiation, and grade of anaplasia [21].
It is well correlated with the aggressiveness, degree of anaplasia, invasiveness, and metastatic potential of the malignancy.
The main prognostic factors are grade and stage of tumor and cellular anaplasia, tumor histology, the presence of vascular microinvasion, and the content of the genetic material in the cell analyzed by flow and static cytometry (DNA ploidy).
Los cortes histologicos tenidos con tincion de rutina H&E muestran una proliferacion difusa de elementos glandulares atipicos con anaplasia celular marcada y presencia de necrosis sucia intraluminal.
Keywords: Anaplasia, Breast, Carcinoma, Chromatin, Ductal, Fine- Needle Aspiration, Pakistan.
* Grado III: Lesiones con evidencia histologica de malignidad, mitosis, anaplasia y capacidad infiltrativa.
Histopathologically, a high degree of cellular anaplasia, pleomorphism, spindle to stellate shaped cells arranged in form of interlacing bundles were observed and was diagnosed as fibrosarcoma.
Microscopic analysis revealed that the tumour was a nephroblastoma without anaplasia (Fig.