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hypersensitivity reaction to the ingestion or injection of a substance (a protein or drug) resulting from prior contact with a substance

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Even for adults who take the risk of anaphylaxis due to food allergens seriously, many may have outdated medical information regarding treatment.
Anaphylaxis is reportedly a serious allergic reaction that happens quickly and may cause death.
Kounis syndrome, the clinical entity of angina/acute coronary syndrome in the setting of anaphylaxis was first described in 1950 by Pfister.
The charity-based project is backed by Anaphylaxis Campaign and ALK (anaplastic lymphoma kinase), and aims to educate the public on how to avoid, treat or beat the condition.
1% cases latex were the most frequently involved agents implicated for anaphylaxis according to the most recent French epidemiological survey.
Idiopathic anaphylaxis is an anaphylaxis syndrome in which no specific triggering cause can be demonstrated.
The overall admission rate for pediatric anaphylaxis fell from 58% (106/182) when 8-hour observation was the norm, to 24% (63/257) after ED physicians opted for 4-hour observation in 2014, a near 60% reduction.
Steve Fletcher added: "What is striking about everyone I meet at the clinic is that none of us realised we might be at risk of anaphylaxis, which is quite a worrying fact.
Healthcare professionals must be able to recognize the signs of anaphylaxis, treat an episode promptly and appropriately, and provide preventive recommendations.
The report provides a snapshot of the global therapeutic landscape of Anaphylaxis
Austin said: "Generally speaking, anaphylaxis is an immediate reaction, with symptoms developing within minutes, or certainly within half an hour of being exposed to the allergen.
Anaphylaxis is an acute life-threating immunologic or non-immunologic reaction that results from the sudden systematic release of chemical mediators from mast cells and basophils.
And it underscores the importance that the teaching staff and aides and nurses know how to recognize anaphylaxis because they wouldn't know that that child was even at risk," Dr.
But the cause of many anaphylaxis episodes was a mystery, said Susan Hogue of RTI Health Solutions of Research Triangle Park, N.