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Antonyms for anaphrodisiac

tending to diminish sexual desire

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In ancient times it was considered an anaphrodisiac - the opposite of an aphrodisiac - hence its common name of the Chaste tree.
It is also used as carminative, antiseptic, a diuretic and an anaphrodisiac [7,9].
It should had been called "Exposed: The Painful Effort to `Sensationalize' One-hundred and Fifty Anaphrodisiac Pictures, Most of Which Are Victorian." What, for example, is Walter Sickert (1860-1942) doing in a exhibition supposedly devoted to the Victorian nude?
It's such a relief, and so sexy; seeing a man lose his temper, once you get past the peril involved, is extraordinarily anaphrodisiac; he looks like a butched-up Violet Elizabeth Bott, or someone whose PMTs have all come at once.
Mitchell discusses Nordic aphrodisiac and anaphrodisiac charm magic, and reconsiders Skirnismal in this context, highlighting the importance of speech acts and performance.