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the relation between an anaphor and its antecedent

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In (43 a), the anaphoric relation between the demonstrative and the nominal in the preceding clause holds due to the organisation of lexical material (36).
In other words, on the nominal level, Case and gender function as a classificatory device of a noun, which provides information on what type of anaphoric relation, for example, the noun will show (e.g., correlation with masculine or neuter pronoun).
The detailed examination of the OE topic shift constructions whereby the object of the previous sentence becomes the topic of the next sentence has shown a complex relation between the Case form and the grammatical gender the two nominals show in the anaphoric relation. While the use of different Case forms specifies the structural position of the nominal and its semantic interpretation as an object or subject, the use of a particular gender form establishes specific anaphoric reference in which the two nominals are interpreted as two instances of the same entity mentioned in the discourse.
But are we justified in extrapolating from normative, written prose to the entire range of discourse in characterizing the anaphoric relation? In my view, we are not, and the observation of a wide range of discourse genres (9) seems to suggest a rather different model of anaphora from the traditional one whereby an anaphor--typically a pronoun of some kind--has first to be paired with a cooccurring antecedent expression to enable its full sense and reference values to be instantiated.
Huddleston (1984: 394-395) himself has made a convincing case that the relative pronoun does not have an ANAPHORIC relation with the full NP, but only with the head minus determiners.
Once one recognizes that it is the "type description" that functions as antecedent in this anaphoric relation, there is no need to posit a -- counterintuitive -- mismatch between antecedent and anaphor.
Note however that the semantics of the cleft differ from those of the noncleft because the matrix clause frames the anaphoric relation between antecedent and relative clause in a specific way (see sections 3 and 4).
Anaphoric Relations in English and French: A Discourse Perspective.
Three others, occurring at regular intervals during the intervention period, focused on the identification of anaphoric relations (the referent of pronouns).
Identification of anaphoric relations. The ability to identify the referent of pronouns, another instructed strategy, was assessed using a procedure adapted from Baumann (1986).
However, in comparison to their peers in the control condition, intervention students had slightly higher main idea identification and anaphoric relations scores.
The pertinent question in relation to this, then, is whether it is reasonable to extend a syntactic binding theory to capture the full range of anaphoric relations, including those falling outside of sentence-level grammar, and the obvious conclusion is that a syntactic theory of binding should confine itself to the structural aspects of anaphora, and that logophorocity (among analogous phenomena) "requires a separate treatment" (Reinhart and Reuland 1991:317).