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Synonyms for anaphora

using a pronoun or similar word instead of repeating a word used earlier

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repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning of successive clauses


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The Vatican assured Catholics who fulfilled the conditions to receive Communion consecrated at an Assyrian Eucharist using the anaphora of Addai and Mari that they are receiving the one true body and blood of Christ.
Luther's distinctive account of the Lord's Supper applies normative scriptural texts on the Last Supper in a manner contrary to the tradition expressed in early Christian eucharistic anaphoras.
These he calls paleoanaphoras because they do not yet represent the unified whole that will eventually form the classic anaphoras of East and West.
The next section of the book deals with the origins of the anaphoras of the Alexandrian and Roman traditions.
Second, he seems to force all of the anaphoras he treats into a tripartite scheme and appears entirely to dismiss the research on the origins of thanksgiving sacrifice (zebach todah) made popular by C.