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using a pronoun or similar word instead of repeating a word used earlier

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repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning of successive clauses


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Maintenance and development of the software publisher Arkheia anaphora
In order to obtain the graph, named entity co-reference and anaphora resolution as well the semantic normalization of triplets are employed.
Scholars are unanimous in agreeing it is one of the most ancient anaphoras in continuous use in the age-old Eastern Syrian Christendom of Mesopotamia since time immemorial," said Jesuit Fr.
Finally, Chapter 8, entitled 'Pragmatics and Syntax', is devoted almost completely to anaphora.
In the linguistics section, the first essay, by Paul Postal, examines various kinds of long-distance anaphora in English.
Stated simply, ellipsis is here seen possessed of the seeds, very pressingly felt, of a medium through which anaphora works.
Sebald, and Simone Weil--and alludes more subtly to poets: echoes of Whitman's and Stevens' anaphora, a villanelle that nods to Roethke, a Bishop-like fish gutting.
Nowadays it is more or less unanimously accepted that anaphora involves "the interaction of all of the standard components of a theory of language: pragmatics, semantics, syntax, and phonology" (Wasow 1986: 108).
The critic's marshalling of lexical items, cluster groups of nouns, adjectives, and such like, reveals a closely observed morphological schema, incorporating the use of latinisms, references to Benvenuto da Imola's commentary, variants and phonetic links, syntactical devices, anaphora, rhythmical echoes, and repetition.
With the exception perhaps of wordplay there is nothing controversial about this list; more permissive is the range of rhetorical and structural patterns admitted to the canon in chapter 5, which covers variation, structural interlace, envelope patterns, formulism, enjambement, parataxis, parenthesis, catalogues, anaphora, antithesis, and litotes.
All are printed for the first time and all are relevant to the discussion of anaphora, but especially important in elucidation of Buridan's interpretation.
In addition, the latest release of Goldfire Innovator provides semantic access to LiveLink(R) and Documentum(TM) repositories; improved semantic search algorithms and anaphora resolution.
Anaphora Literary Press has published over 120 creative and non-fiction books.
ii) Second, we will revisit issues of modular decomposition between semantics and pragmatics by trying to disentangle modules that have been lumped together in recent semantic theorizing, in particular in the domains of presupposition, anaphora and conventional implicatures.
The topics include the reception of the Homeric poems in antiquity and modernity, the related principles of topos didaskalikos and anaphora in Aristarchus' commentaries, Philo and the allegorical interpretation of Homer in the Platonic tradition, the 26 books of the Hebrew Bible and the Alexandrian scribal methods, and designating dependence in rabbinic halakhic midrashim and Homeric scholarship.