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using a pronoun or similar word instead of repeating a word used earlier

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repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning of successive clauses


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He found that the understanding of anaphora involves not one, but at least two processes: a memory process and a bilingual integration process.
She has been running a successful publishing business, Anaphora Literary Press, for a decade (over 270 book titles released, with several featured on NPR, Fox, Publishers Weekly and Library Journal).
The words that qualify for being the antecedents of an anaphora are said to be accessible (Arnold 2010).
However, the characteristic technique that Whitman uses to accelerate his pace is the pairing of rhetorical anaphora with a long sonorous line.
I wol nat tellen eek how that they goon Hoom till Atthenes, whan the pley is doon; But shortly to the point thanne wol I wende (Knight's Tale, 2919-24, 2958-65) This is an example of how both anaphora and occupatio can be generative even when, as in this case, the anaphora is notionally in the service of closing down the descriptive amplification.
In other cases we may have even nested anaphora, meaning an anaphora within another anaphora, as in the following note, written at the beginning of April, 1821, in which the repetition of senza is framed within the repetition of in guerra:
This type of Endophoric reference is called Anaphora.' He further breaks Anaphoric references into two that is personal reference and comparative reference.
Hobbs); "Optimal interpretation for rhetorical relations" (Henk Zeevat); "Modeling discourse relations by topics and implicatures: The elaboration default" (Ekatarina Jasinskaja); "The role of logical and generic document structure in relational discourse analysis" (Maja Barenfanger, Harald Lungen, Mirco Hilbert, and Henning Lobin); "Obligatory presupposition in discourse" (Pascal Amsili and Claire Beyssade); "Conventionalized speech act formulae: From corpus findings to formalization" (Ann Copesake and Marina Terkourafi); "Constraints on metalinguistic anaphora" (Philippe De Brabanter); and "Appositive Relative Clauses and their prosodic realization in spoken discourse: A corpus study of phonetic aspects in British English" (Cyril Auran and Rudy Loock).
The score to "Anaphora" reads: "Although the voice participates in the ensemble, its line with the indicated dynamic shadings must clearly predominate throughout.
The couplets of "More on Finishing, the confined Quatrains for a Calling," and the anaphora of "A Byzantine Diptych" create a clean expectedness which contrasts the tumultuous sections that precede them.
The first question I would like to consider is that of the translation of lexical anaphora from French to English.
This chapter also focuses on the status of NP which is discussed using the contextual factors specificity, definiteness and anaphora. Chapter 6, on relative clauses, deals with the structure of RC and various positions in a clause which are relativizable.
Witvliet (ISBN: 978-0-8028-6476-5 Eerdmans, $23.00) gives plans of Jerusalem, the Church of the Anastasis, and translations of fourth-century texts (Egeria's Diary, The Anaphora [Communion liturgy], The Liturgy of St.