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a word (such as a pronoun) used to avoid repetition

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Instead, it is the subject containing the anaphor that moves to Spec-TP.
In other words, the (in)definiteness status of the antecedent and the anaphor is relational and may be represented as [[.sub.Clausel]...
The aim of adopting these referential concepts (anaphor and cataphor) in the analysis of subtitle translation is two-fold.
Furthermore, anaphora support my argument that operators such as "Woody Allen's" and "of Annie Hall" have different semantics than similarly worded possessives such as "Woody Allen's girlfriend." This is because the use of an anaphor bridging the two distinct uses doesn't sound felicitous.
In other words, when our heart is still arid at peace, everything around us is also peaceful, nothing in the world, no external or mundane power, such as the sight of beautiful women in the poem, may cause it to stir The poem expresses the pleasure and peace that this realization provides, and it does so particularly in its last two lines Siu-yi in line 7 and Wang-sun in line 8 are again very difficult to translate, hence the many misunderstandings in the translations above, in this poemm sui-yi means "feel free to" not "by design", as in version 5 The most appropriate translation of line 7 should be "let spring blossoms feel free to wither", which is works as an anaphor to "autumn come" in line I, and to the expression "stay" in the last line again.
Even the lines that don't participate in even mild anaphora, whose first words are not repetends, seem part of it retroactively: I as the site of iterable observation and Watched as potential anaphor and "Had my eyes dazzled" as phrasal substitution for any of the other repetends of vision.
Anaphor in subjective contexts in narrative fiction.
(i) If in a sentence S an anaphor is locally free, then S is ungrammatical.
In NPs, preposed dependents (numeral + classifier, particle [plural], adnominal quantifiers) and postposed ones (possessors, modifiers, demonstratives, (na)nai 'a moment ago,' anaphor) modify their heads.
We select candidates that agree in gender with the pronominal anaphor, as suggested in [5, 6].
First, the variables are used for tracking entities for purposes of anaphor, deixis, relative clauses, infinitival clauses, and the like.
The time course of anaphor resolution: Effects of implicit verb causality and gender.