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a word (such as a pronoun) used to avoid repetition

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In linguistics, anaphora defines an instance of an expression that refers to another expression; pronouns are often regarded as anaphors.
The same may function as substitution anaphor, like demonstratives which also belong to slot (c).
In order to address this issue, Chomsky assumed that following LF cliticisation of the anaphor to T ([alpha]) and feature movement of the subject to T, they find themselves in a configuration of mutual c-command, insufficient for both binding and exclusion of Principle C effects:
TP should provide the binder for the anaphor within the nominative DP just as it happened in (5) above.
After all, in all languages it is the case that the larger the domain without an antecedent, the more important it is that we do not get realization as an anaphor, so the constraints that regulate this should not be rerankable.
By that token, ellipsis is inlayed in the tablet of referentially handicapped expression, curable not so much by triumphant insertion of the displaced meaning and structure as by converting the unspecified into an irrepressible sprinkling of antecedent, anaphor pairs over a discourse landscape.
Moreover, the locality degree of the binding relation determines the shape of the bound element, which might surface as morphologically simple anaphor (henceforth referred to as SE anaphor), as morphologically complex anaphor (henceforth referred to as SELF anaphor), or as pronoun.
If the principle of linearity cuts athwart sloppy identity, it does so to the point that all sloppy readings radiate from a central assumption that an anaphor be located to the right of its controllers.
I do not mean to suggest that mal is an anaphor in the Chomskyan sense but rather that it is an expression that requires an antecedent in the immediate discourse context.
It also shows that the Infl element in the embedded clause does not prevent the anaphor from finding its antecedent in the main clause.
Nominal strategies can be further subdivided into a pronominal strategy, that is, the use of pronouns or referentially dependent nouns as markers of reciprocity and a quantificational one, namely, the use of bi-partite quantifiers as a kind of reciprocal anaphor.
Hockett also maintains that an idiomatic phrase should be any expression of variable reference, without a fixed meaning in all situations (here he mentions anaphor one, numerals, deictic demonstratives this, that, proper names and personal pronouns.
There is a reflexive anaphor (or "light reflexive") ngu and a heavy reflexive marker homo ('head'), which are sometimes combined (cf.
For example, the primary object in (4a) can bind a secondary object anaphor, but the reverse binding configuration (4b) is not possible.
See Kawasaki (1989) for discussion on the anaphor zibun 'self' + tati.