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the stage of meiosis or mitosis when chromosomes move toward opposite ends of the nuclear spindle

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(2015) these types of chromosomal alterations are due to changes in the formation process of spindle fibers, which prevent equatorial plate organizing and chromosomes to be separated correctly during anaphase. That indicates the presence of eugenic substances (Oliveira, Voltolini, & Barberio, 2011), influenced by toxic compounds that had contact with organisms such as heavy metals and agrochemical compounds (Maschio, 2009; Peron, Canesin, & Cardoso, 2009).
Examples of Allium cepa roots cells in normal cell division: (A) interfase; (B) prophase; (C) metaphase; (D) anaphase and (E) telophase at 400x magnification.
The overexpression of centromeric alphoid satellite DNA from chromosomes 17, 21, and Y in human stem (HUES-10) and fibrosarcoma (HT1080) cells resulted in a marked increase in chromosome mis-segregation events during anaphase. The analysis of HT1080 cells overexpressing 17 alphoid DNA during live cell imaging showed the disturbances in mitotic progression from metaphase to anaphase, which usually resulted in cell death.
For the CA analyses, several aberrations such as chromosomal fragments, vagrant, and bridges in the anaphase and telophase were analyzed.
Number of anaphases is changed differently in different concentrations and treatment.
The genotoxic effects that were observed in the present study included, multipolar anaphase, fragments, and deformed nucleus.
The genotoxic effects that were observed in the present study included, lagging chromosomes and chromosomes bridges at anaphase and multipolar anaphases and telophases.
When: [L.sub.s] and [C.sub.s] are the inertia and the sonic capacity which create the anaphases to receiver, but the [psi] constant are know quantity, (her value for water are [psi] = 7s (Constantinescu, 1985), were s are the section area of the pipe) we can realised the construction graphic in the figure 2.
It was also assessed the action of juice samples by the frequency of micronuclei, colchicine metaphase, anaphase and telophase bridges, gene amplifications, cells with adhesions, nuclear buds and multipolar anaphases.
As abnormal mitoses, triple-polar and tetra-polar metaphases, metaphases/anaphases showing lagging chromosomes, and chromosomal bridges were considered in total 100 metaphases and 100 anaphases, respectively per cell line.