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the stage of meiosis or mitosis when chromosomes move toward opposite ends of the nuclear spindle

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A) Multipolar Anaphase; B) Metaphase with loose chromosome; C) Metaphase colchicine; D) Anaphase multipolar.
At late anaphase, the actin distribution at the polar body sites became very sparse and an actin-poor circular region was recognized at the animal pole.
Chromosomal Alterations Index (CAI) was evaluated by counting chromosomal alterations (multipolar anaphases, chromosomal breaks, C-metaphase, adhesions, losses and chromosomal bridges) in the meristematic cells of the root.
Increased number of chromatin bridges in anaphase has been described for condensin II knockout cells as well as condensins I and II depleted cells [39, 40].
The result revealed that most of the aberrations observed were at the metaphase and anaphase stage.
They can be formed from eccentric chromosomes, chromatid fragments, whole chromosomes, or chromatids that lag behind in anaphase and are left outside the daughter nuclei in telophase.
Micronucleus (MN) is cytoplasmic chromatin condensations that appear as small nuclei, which are secondary to chromosomal fragmentation at the anaphase stage of cell division.
Esopha-geal stenosis at the cervico-thoracic junction, gastric lamina propria fibrosis, atrophic gastritis, parietal cell dropouts, and esophageal intraepithelial lymphocytosis were extremely common, whereas recurrent enteropathy and enterocolitis with striking villous atrophy, extensive apoptosis, and anaphase bridging pointing toward regenerating defect were very commonly reported in the lower GI tract.
After denudation, oocytes were fixed with methanol + acetic acid (3:1) for 48 h at 4[grados]C, stained with 1% solution of lacmoid in 45% glacial acetic acid, evaluated under an optical microscope and classified according to the meiotic stage reached: mature (metaphase II + polar body, telophase I) and immature (anaphase I, metaphase I, chromosomal condensation and germinal vesicle).
As shown in Figure 3, based on the development of atomic out-of-plane displacement of the key point A, the wrinkling developing evolution can be divided into five stages, that is (I) prophase stage, (II) prometaphase stage, (III) metaphase stage, (IV) anaphase stage, and (V) telophase stage.
Nicklas, "The motor for poleward chromosome movement in anaphase is in or near the kinetochore," The Journal of Cell Biology, vol.
These aberrant chromosomes fail to properly separate during anaphase. This role of pRB is closely linked to terminal differentiation, senescence, and chromosome stability.
These problems can be overcome if there are abundant favorable bacterial species that can be used for early-phase inoculation or anaphase fed-batch [6].
The overexpression of centromeric alphoid satellite DNA from chromosomes 17, 21, and Y in human stem (HUES-10) and fibrosarcoma (HT1080) cells resulted in a marked increase in chromosome mis-segregation events during anaphase. The analysis of HT1080 cells overexpressing 17 alphoid DNA during live cell imaging showed the disturbances in mitotic progression from metaphase to anaphase, which usually resulted in cell death.