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a metrical unit with unstressed-unstressed-stressed syllables

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It has less metrical variation than would be expected from the author of "Christabel" and curiously few examples of the major Coleridgean device, the anapest. "Kubla Khan's" metrical irregularity takes the form of feminine endings, truncated openings, inversions, and a few spondaic or pyrrhic substitutions--none of these variations novel or surprising in the Coleridge canon.
(41.) Lyric anapests signify a heightened emotional state and here provide a further suggestion of Medea's revulsion at her betrayal and brutalization of her brother.
When we take the bodily poiesis of a spider seriously--and when we realize that the spider is much more than a trope for the soul--we see how Whitman's minding of a spider enabled him to achieve significant breakthroughs in poetic form, especially the interrelated constellations of iambs, dactyls, and anapests that all gyrate out of the iconic fffff of a spider launching a filament.
(20) Although the lines still rhyme in the German original (erwarmen/Armen [thaw out/poor soul]), the anapests, "How?
Thus French, by means of purely syllable-counting (syllabic) meters, cannot reproduce the differences in accent- and syllable-counting (syllabotonic) meters of German, English, or Russian: their iambs, trochees, dactyls, anapests, and so on.
The varieties of meter include iambs, anapests, dolniks, (2) and also the four-foot amphibrach Pasternak used in Doctor Zhivago for his own nativity poems (Vail 2001,104).
Redden even has the heartbeat of the poem's healthy iambic pentameter palpitate into anapests at the news in the third line.
Rhythmic motifs in both voice and piano vacillate between the anapests and the amphibrachs of the poem, but in no regular manner.
In these early post-historical days, words are frequently used to create cartographies of a thing called individual identity; poetry, meanwhile, is often discussed with reference to trochees, iambs, sapphics and anapests, and a historical artifact called the English Tradition.
Alter's desire to minimize the number of words and stresses in each line of verse often results in a run of anapests, as in Job 8:21-22:
117: "How Swinburne achieved a reputation for verbosity when his lines are composed almost entirely of monosyllables would remain mysterious if we were not sufficiently alert to note that the monosyllables 'the,' 'of,' 'and,' are what create his characteristic anapests. Ruth Z.
What criticisms have we not heard of late in favour of blank verse, and Pindaric odes, choruses, anapests and iambics, alliterative care, and happy negligence.
And then in graduate school I happened upon the poems of the much underappreciated Stevie Smith, whose lines seemed to veer wildly through runs of romping anapests, then to pull up short on a caesura, to pause, to look around and rethink themselves.
Thus, he proves as comfortable discussing iambs, dactyls, spondees, trochees and anapests as he is exploring actor's intentions.
No less so, trochees overturn iambs in a poetic line, or dactyls and anapests add abruptive tensions to blank verse regularity.