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(of a metric foot) characterized by two short syllables followed by a long one


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First in a recitative anapaestic introduction (v v - v v-) we meet Xerxes in all his misery and defeat.
Among the many other notably difficult and unusual elisions which occur in the Sermones, Nilsson makes a special study of: the elision of pyrrhic words ending in -m, -a, or -o (six of 10 examples in Book 2 occur in 2.3); the elision of anapaestic words (12 of 16 instances in Book 2 occur in 2.3; cf lines81 and 83 of the passage quoted above); the elision of dactylic words ending in -m or -a (five of six total examples in Book 2 are in 2.3); the elision of iambic words, and the extremely rare elision of choriambic words (2.3 has four of six examples in Book 2, cf.
But it is in the rollicking tradition that we see the first signs of what Belknap calls 'anapaestic rigidity', a preference for the aabba over the xabba rhyme-scheme, and hence the most striking anticipations of the limerick.
Some mixed iambics and anapaests, and drinking songs tended to be anapaestic; by the nineteenth century `anapaestic rigidity' had set in.
I was wrong in trying to identify their metre as anapaestic; since then Professor M.
It is true that, just as the texts contain recurring formulae celestial fantasies and other extravagant metaphors, erratic line lengths, anapaestic rhythms, grotesque feminine endings in rhymed couplets, and so on), the settings also have their stock features (infuriatingly catchy tunes, rapid declamation, startling shifts between declamatory and melodic writing, restless rhythmic energy, arresting chromaticisms, and episodic, even fragmentary structures); yet these are marshalled with tireless inventiveness and resource, not only by Purcell and Blow but also by lesser luminaries.
Significantly, the poem was written at a time when Browning's tourist wanderings had got him thinking about the pleasures of other types of journey: it was composed on a ship off the coast of Africa during his 1844 trip to Italy, when "I had been at sea long enough to appreciate even the fancy of a gallop on a certain good horse 'York,' then in my stable at home." Browning embodied this "fancy" in the poem's famously propulsive anapaestic meter and in his speaker's journey, even though, as he stated forty years later, he was not certain how the speaker would get to where he was going: because Browning "had no map, and wrote swiftly ...
If one of the characteristics of In Memoriam is a homogeneous metrical pattern (the famous ABBA stanza repeated in more than 3000 lines), Maud, on the contrary, shows a wide range of metrical feet--trochaic for the lyrics, iambic for the rantings and anapaestic for "the direct celebrations" of the beloved (Stokes 1964: 110).
She writes about the variable, intermittent, nature of metre in "Neutral Tones" whereby iambic, anapaestic, and spondaic elements alternate, often with an unusual indetermination, so that the reader is required to construe how the lines are to be voiced and projected.
Metrically, in these two lines, the prevalent pattern would ordinarily be said to be "anapaestic" (where two unstressed syllables are followed by a beat).
An initial anapaestic fluency, then, associated with the outward details of sun and scene, here yields to a desultory remarking, the metre assisting our inhabiting of a mind that interrupts its engagements, and turns in on itself as it ponders again, with failing energy, the signs of a world of decay, abandoned by God.
praising [Apollo] in [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] ("anapaestic rhythm") (Ash.
The "photographic" act of the virtual image, though virtual, is a fact of "touching." Rossetti superimposes a subtle, anapaestic lilt over the iambs of the octet, a ripple-effect that suggests the kiss can not only fix but bring the image alive.
With much greater skill, Tennyson manipulates language to represent physical effects, so that "My tremulous tongue faltereth" is almost a tongue-twister in itself, and the anapaestic effect created by an extra unstressed syllable in the next two lines hurries the rhythm toward the orgasmic conclusion.