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(of a metric foot) characterized by two short syllables followed by a long one


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The opening of the line lacks such clear patterning, and is in fact deliberately made unpredictable; after a possible design is hinted at by using similar openings in lines 49-50 (dactylic) and 51-52 (amphibrachic), any resulting expectancy is then denied; the three consecutive anapaestic openings in lines 60-62 are made all the more unpredictable by the irregularity that has preceded them.
I might take Marjorie Perloff's review of Cary Nelson's Oxford Anthology of Modern American Poetry in "Janus-Faced Blockbuster" more seriously if she did not, at its beginning, complain that a poem by Georgia Douglas Johnson is written in "chug-chug iambic pentameter," when it's actually in anapaestic tetrameter.
He did not, however, snake up the Po-Biz ladder into a chair at Stanford or Harvard, so Perloff may be justified in treating him as an ignorant darky with no sense of how poetic metre should be shaped, someone presumably incapable of learning the difference between iambic pentameter and anapaestic tetrameter -- not, perhaps, an easy difference to perceive.
If one of the characteristics of In Memoriam is a homogeneous metrical pattern (the famous ABBA stanza repeated in more than 3000 lines), Maud, on the contrary, shows a wide range of metrical feet--trochaic for the lyrics, iambic for the rantings and anapaestic for "the direct celebrations" of the beloved (Stokes 1964: 110).
First in a recitative anapaestic introduction (v v - v v-) we meet Xerxes in all his misery and defeat.
3); the elision of anapaestic words (12 of 16 instances in Book 2 occur in 2.
It is true that, just as the texts contain recurring formulae celestial fantasies and other extravagant metaphors, erratic line lengths, anapaestic rhythms, grotesque feminine endings in rhymed couplets, and so on), the settings also have their stock features (infuriatingly catchy tunes, rapid declamation, startling shifts between declamatory and melodic writing, restless rhythmic energy, arresting chromaticisms, and episodic, even fragmentary structures); yet these are marshalled with tireless inventiveness and resource, not only by Purcell and Blow but also by lesser luminaries.
She writes about the variable, intermittent, nature of metre in "Neutral Tones" whereby iambic, anapaestic, and spondaic elements alternate, often with an unusual indetermination, so that the reader is required to construe how the lines are to be voiced and projected.
On the one hand, there are the double off-beat / beat forms where a certain vigor, even lilt, momentarily inhabits the rhythm, and these could uncomplicatedly be called anapaestic (And the sun .
4 The postposition of `nec' (in `suae/nec tecta domus') is certainly acceptable in the Octauia ;s to refer `suae' to `domus' in the following line is less so, on the other hand, because syntactical and metrical units tend to coincide in anapaestic sequences.
Rossetti superimposes a subtle, anapaestic lilt over the iambs of the octet, a ripple-effect that suggests the kiss can not only fix but bring the image alive.
With much greater skill, Tennyson manipulates language to represent physical effects, so that "My tremulous tongue faltereth" is almost a tongue-twister in itself, and the anapaestic effect created by an extra unstressed syllable in the next two lines hurries the rhythm toward the orgasmic conclusion.