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(of a metric foot) characterized by two short syllables followed by a long one


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This responsiveness is again rhythmically shown by the contrast between an anapaestic or dactylic beat as the speaker describes the heart beating harder, speeding up, and the slower beat of 'tread out my measure', where 'tread out' could potentially consist of two stressed beats.
First in a recitative anapaestic introduction (v v - v v-) we meet Xerxes in all his misery and defeat.
She writes about the variable, intermittent, nature of metre in "Neutral Tones" whereby iambic, anapaestic, and spondaic elements alternate, often with an unusual indetermination, so that the reader is required to construe how the lines are to be voiced and projected.
On the one hand, there are the double off-beat / beat forms where a certain vigor, even lilt, momentarily inhabits the rhythm, and these could uncomplicatedly be called anapaestic (And the sun .
Schoolboys and undergraduates with no sense of rhythm, compose, or used to compose, verses on this principle, trying to keep their wits, and doing so, if at all, only with considerable difficulty, on sense, idiom, grammar, prosody, and meter, all at once: the place of the caesura, of the spondee, of dividing the tribrach, the law of the final cretic, anapaestic license with proper names, and suchlike elementary manners.
With much greater skill, Tennyson manipulates language to represent physical effects, so that "My tremulous tongue faltereth" is almost a tongue-twister in itself, and the anapaestic effect created by an extra unstressed syllable in the next two lines hurries the rhythm toward the orgasmic conclusion.
Rossetti superimposes a subtle, anapaestic lilt over the iambs of the octet, a ripple-effect that suggests the kiss can not only fix but bring the image alive.