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the evolution of one type of organism from another by a long series of gradual changes

a distorted projection or perspective


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AF: An anamorphosis. This is surely threatening to the old dogmatic theology, especially the introduction of the fourth, the feminine, chora.
(11) According to the OED, anamorphosis is "a distorted projection or drawing ...
Raster character image, usually bitmap, requires large storage space and always causes anamorphosis and aliasing when they are zoomed or rotated, while, on the contrary, vector representation cannot only reduce the storage space, but also realize fast transformation and arbitrary scaling without anamorphosis.
anamorphosis in Holbein's ambassadors, graphic signs by Paul Klee preceding the separation of painting and writing, the double vision of Jastrow's duck/rabbit figure.
It seems that anamorphosis best illustrates Will's life--his existence is like a distorted image, which can be reconstituted only when one adopts an unconventional perspective.
Anamorphosis of One Day: Historical Time and the 11th December, 1972
By a trick of anamorphosis, the skull simultaneously appears and disappears in the landscape, just as the beautiful and felicitous flower-shaped wound described in Owen's "Beauty" is also the soldier's death-warrant.
Lyle Massey in his recent book Picturing Space, Displacing Bodies: Anamorphosis in Early Modem Theories of Perspective, discusses in detail Lomazzo's reference to Leonardo's "prospettiva inversa." Massey explains:
"The dialectic between a self-assertive, wall-occupying gesture and contextual humility is demonstrated" in part through the historic strategy of anamorphosis (163-64).
The anamorphosis points out that there are more Jews in the United States than in Israel, and that France, Russia, Ukraine and Argentina have important Jewish communities.
Lambert describes anamorphosis as, "(the technique of in-completion, or the distortion of the figure) which calls for the spectator's direct intervention and participation in the completion of the picture-event" (34).
Impossible objects and architecture, optical illusion and anamorphosis are the three key techniques on display.
Cartograms methods (anamorphosis) are very seldom implemented.