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the evolution of one type of organism from another by a long series of gradual changes

a distorted projection or perspective


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Under the principle of anamorphosis, social organizations which operate on a global scale grow in such complexity that overall centralization of human resource management becomes detrimental to the mission of the organization.
Anamorphosis requires that the viewer change his or her perspective: the viewer must be unseated, unmoored from a traditional position, and see the work of art for a second time, from some other place.
Anamorphosis is the exemplary test case because, unlike linear perspective schemes that treat the eye as disembodied (a "mind's eye"), it invokes a series of "ludic juxtapositions" (25) between the Cartesian subject and the ideal viewpoint of linear perspective.
The design was preserved, albeit somewhat imperfectly, in an engraving made by Etienne Duperac in 1568--an engraving that would later inspire Zanela's exploration of anamorphosis.
The Athens-based firm of Anamorphosis and New York artist Eva Rothschild did just that in their stylized Greek theatre, with its cascade of ice shards spilling over compressed snow bleachers, and curved transparent walls that suggest a stage set.
They are still influenced by the idea of anamorphosis to suggest an otherworldly spectral presence that exists beyond this world, but has an influence on it.
Playing off Bruce Clarke's canny depiction of Lamia as the metamorphosis of metaphor, or metaphor for metamorphosis, we might say instead that Lamia is the anamorphosis of image, or image for anamorphosis.
I speak of anamorphosis because the boy's integrated mirror reflection is but a deathly lure.
Thanks to the anamorphosis of the image permitted by Professor Chretien's lens, the triple picture of Cinerama finds itself literally compressed to the dimensions of a standard film.
The ancient mirror toy, anamorphosis, produced by OOZ & OZ as the Mirror-aculous Art Activities Kit, uses curved mirrors to decode morphed images into magical reflections.
Her literary metaphor is the visual example of anamorphosis, images that appear to be one thing until viewed from another angle.
Arnaudo describes a number of genres of such types of images, and examines them with appropriate examples and illustrations in distinct sections: perspective and anamorphosis (i.
The work derives from statue forms and anamorphosis (the distortion of perspective), due to the viewing participation required in both, but my work doesn't offer a correct viewpoint from which to recognise the exact proportions.
But in these canvases and in other works--such as his series of landscapes freighted with Barbizon-school scrupulousness--the artist has sought modes of representing that go beyond the pursuit of likeness, gesturing toward abstraction, anamorphosis, and anachronism.