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Synonyms for anamorphosis

the evolution of one type of organism from another by a long series of gradual changes

a distorted projection or perspective


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If we substitute the word "enemies" with the word "foreigners," we might see this anamorphose as a model for Core Samples from the World.
il n'y a pas, jamais, de troisieme personne dans les raves, it n'y est toujours question que de soi-meme, comme clans file des anamorphoses, cette nouvelle apocryphe de Borges, oh l'ecrivain qui invente la troisieme personne en litterature, finit, au terme d'un long processus de deperissement solipsiste, deprime et vaincu, par renoncer a son invention et se remet a ecrire a la premiere personne.
In a similar way, Jurgis Baltrusaitis in his essays about anamorphoses and visual "aberrations" has occasionally compared actual paintings with their literary descriptions.
The topics discussed are as broad as those that Gardner wrote about and include the mathematics of such puzzles and games as tangrams, peg solitaire, sudoku, coin-weighing problems, and anamorphoses.
It turns out, she has acquired one of the world's most extensive collections of anamorphoses, those distorted paintings that, viewed in a convex mirror or from a certain perspective, suddenly resolve into natural proportions.
Mais force nous est de nous rendre a l'evidence que, si le paysage natal, les lieux et les souvenirs de l'enfance perdent imperceptiblement leur dessin et leur individualite, ce n'est pas toujours pour favoriser << les meprises optiques >> (15) dans l'espace mou de la reverie, ou pour abandonner le lecteur dans la deroute des visions ludiques et des anamorphoses.
For this reason and the fact that, according to Gestalt Theory *, perception is syncretic *, the anamorphoses * that vowel lengthening creates in the acoustic images of the syllable will hinder the recognition of global vocal forms *, not only at the syllabic level, but also at the word level.
The disorientation is heightened by druggily saturated, overheated color and fish-eye anamorphoses that bring close closer and push distance farther away.
She is dark and melancholy as a comet; her beauty is like the sensation of fire, winding and slanted as in the anamorphoses of the Mannerists, with a lugubrious aura of decay, a smirk of eternal disillusionment.
In the case we are considering, the analogy with an anamorphosistic process is justified for more than one reason: as in anamorphoses, what suddenly springs into view in our picture is not something new that would appear as if by magic, but an object or a character already contained in the image, but unknown to--or rather unseen by--the spectator: Michel Schneider defines the phenomenon in the following terms:
Points de vue et images du monde: Anamorphoses de textes geographiques de Strabon a Giovanni Botero.
In the spirit of wunderkammern, those 18th-century cabinets of curiosities this collection invokes, Ducornet fits these experiences into taxonomies of fecal eyes and anamorphoses, of hunger artists and literary critique.