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Synonyms for anamorphosis

the evolution of one type of organism from another by a long series of gradual changes

a distorted projection or perspective


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Unity is what I wanted to express and choosing my anamorphic style meant uniting steel pieces that do not have any proper shape or size.
Aisha Bin Kalli, Dubai Canvas project manager, said the event will attract the world's most renowned 3D artists, including Italian Cuboliquido, winner of last year's Dubai Canvas 3D Art Award; Dutch Leon Keer, one of the world's leading anamorphic street artists; and American Tracy Lee Stum.
An anamorphic flare attachment (AFA) offers a convenient, controllable method of introducing flare with spherical lenses.
Her husband Limnesh Augustine, who works at the Interior Ministry, also has a Guinness world record for the largest 3D anamorphic painting to his credit.
In a sequence where Kenny contracts malaria at the Indonesia dig site, the camera moves closer to McConaughey and the wide anamorphic lenses allow viewers to feel his physical anguish.
He was inspired by the use of anamorphic perspective in the work of the Old Masters, adapting it to craft street compositions that appear to rise from, or fall into, the ground.
Viewing the situation in Britain, Steve Chibnall concludes that even though anamorphic films accounted for well under twenty percent of total output in the five years following the introduction of CinemaScope, more ambitious filmmakers embraced the technology as a way to impart a touch of class to their cash-strapped productions.
It is not only Bill's swimwear that provides the anamorphic moment of gender disorientation but the misidentification inherent in celebrity itself, which collapses the distance needed for judgment.
The Reliance DVD comes with English subtitles, and is compatible to Dolby Digital sound and standard 4: 3 widescreen anamorphic TV sets.
ideological edifice is that of the anamorphic reading.
Milton is showcased in two chapters, one on "John Milton and the (New) Media Image: Affect and the Anamorphic Imaginary" and another on "The Observer in Milton's Garden and the Body of Anamorphosis.
Bahrain has entered the Guinness World Records for the largest three-dimensional anamorphic painting.
The artists, who used the anamorphic technique associated with Han Holbein's 'The Ambassadors,' is the pre-cursor to The James Carling International Pavement Art Competition which takes place tomorrow.
The second half of this chapter provides a truly innovative reading of the anamorphic aspects of the allegory of Sin and Death by showing how the spatial dimensions of the episode allow Sin to function as an invitation to participate in the bodily and temporal disjunctions of anamorphosis.