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Synonyms for anamnesis

the case history of a medical patient as recalled by the patient

the ability to recall past occurrences

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In one case the tumour was reclassified as nonneuroendocrine carcinoma, probably metastatic, from anamnestically preexisting breast carcinoma of nonspecified histologic type.
For the sole form of the Eucharist is the word of Christ: "This is my body, this is my blood." It is this form which, uttered anamnestically over the bread and wine, gives sacramental visibility to Christ as the true speaker of the form and thereby gives the Eucharist its sacramental visibility as the body and blood of Christ.
The known clinical conditions such as trauma, bone surgery, or other diseases that can affect the vascularity of bone (osteoporosis, osteopetrosis, Paget's disease, radiation, and malignancy) and predispose to TBO [28, 29] should be excluded anamnestically. In our oldest patient (93 years old), severe osteoporosis was noticed on the CT scans.