anamnestic response

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renewed rapid production of an antibody on the second (or subsequent) encounter with the same antigen

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Since publication, other reports have demonstrated an important impact of rituximab on anamnestic responses to HLA antigens after transplant [20].
It has been hypothesized that the initial blood transfusion triggers an anamnestic response boosting HPA antibodies in an already sensitized individual; however passive transfer of HPA antibodies has also been reported in rare situations [9].
Because of the risk for an anamnestic response, twice-daily antibody screens and DATs were initiated, along with testing of the Hct and bilirubin every 6 to 8 hours (Figure).
These VLP-based vaccines are obviously not therapeutic but the vaccine trial data showed that there is an anamnestic response to a single dose of vaccine in previously infected subjects (17).
Also, in most adults infected with HSV-1/HSV-2, anti-HSV antibodies will react with B virus antigen due to an anamnestic response of their immune system.
This rapid recognition and response on subsequent exposure to antigen is called the secondary immune or anamnestic response (ana- means against and mimneskein means to call to mind).
Absence of an anamnestic response might indicate waning immunity, Dr.
Apart from that, the DNA vaccination had primed for a significant anamnestic response to protein antigen.