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Synonyms for anamnesis

the case history of a medical patient as recalled by the patient

the ability to recall past occurrences

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A relationship was found between the Anamnestic Dysfunction Index of grade II and clenching or grinding of teeth (Table 6).
In populations where multiple species of flaviviruses circulate, sequential exposure to multiple flaviviruses, combined with the presence of common viral antigens, leads to a phenomenon known as an anamnestic response.
Boosting" is an anamnestic phenomenon in which the initial negative TST triggers an immune response, resulting in a subsequent positive TST.
Anamnestic data--complaints, illnesses in past, characteristic of sleep, bad habits, living conditions, nature of work, work and rest mode, and others.
1 continued with the breathing gymnastics program and even if at first she evaluated at 7 the quality of her life and she breathed with difficulty during the ADL s and I-ADLs (daily routine activities), at the end of the 3 weeks, through an anamnestic interview, she ranks the quality of her life ar 8, "even 9" if we are to quote her, and she considers that she can carry out more easily certain daily activities.
Two of the three recipients with positive YFV-IgM antibody titers had been vaccinated previously with YF vaccine more than 20 years earlier likely had an anamnestic response to the vaccine virus in the blood products.
These VLP-based vaccines are obviously not therapeutic but the vaccine trial data showed that there is an anamnestic response to a single dose of vaccine in previously infected subjects (17).
LAIV induces a high degree of mucosal IgA-mediated antibody protection, coupled with some new and anamnestic protection induced in serum (IgG) and T lymphocytes.
Combined with the long incubation period of hepatitis B infection, this allows most immunized persons whose titers diminish to mount an anamnestic immune response if challenged by HBV.
In fact, defining a healthy state in fetuses is more difficult than in adults because PUBS is executed during gestation only on the basis of specific anamnestic and clinical suggestions.
Anamnestic immune response to dengue and decreased severity of yellow fever.
Among the discoveries in immunopathology attributed to Dr Hektoen are homologous erythrocyte hemagglutination during blood transfusions, the principles of the accelerated response following a booster shot (specific anamnestic reaction), and the use of adjuvants to augment the immune response.
None of our patients had anamnestic, clinical and laboratory parameters of systemic connective tissue diseases or primary vasculitides.
Sanitary-hygienic studies were carried out by using specially designed and approved questionnaire-based survey-interviewing, consisting of 64 items, and most fully covering all major factors of biological and sanitary nature, as well as clinical and anamnestic data that help to determine their role in the development of PD.