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Synonyms for anamnesis

the case history of a medical patient as recalled by the patient

the ability to recall past occurrences

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A key point in the anamnesis is that the probability of a patient having CTS is much higher if the symptoms are bilateral.
In our study, we found higher rates of fall anamnesis during the last 12 months and fear of falling in SLE patients compared to the controls.
Es probable que en mas de una ocasion encontremos defectos durante la anamnesis y examen fisico, practicados como parte del examen preoperatorio.
However following tactful anamnesis and through clinical investigation, it can easily be differentiated.
We investigated 96 pregnant women between the ages of 23 to 34 and their newborn babies; 62% of obese women had complications in their obstetric and gynecological anamnesis.
Por otra parte, un alto grado de empatia permite al medico concretar el diagnostico del paciente realizando una anamnesis mas precisa y holistica del paciente.
Anamnesis, dog breed, and symptoms made clinicians suspect a nasal foreign body and/or a brachycephalic airway obstructive syndrome (BAOS).
Anamnesis revealed that on the previous day, he played snowball without using his gloves for approximately 1 hour with his friends.
In sections on early writing and the Jena debut, phenomenology and science of logic, and the Berlin system, he considers such topics as Hegel's apocrypha, anamnesis of the human spirit, the philosophy of subjective spirit, the philosophy of right and of history, and philosophy in its concept and history.
Readers familiar with Bernard Stiegler's work on anamnesis and hypomnesis will find much of interest.
His anamnesis revealed that rain had started suddenly while he was tending animals with his friend and he could not remember what had happened afterwards.
Si bien en El Rey Lear la locura es la consecuencia drastica de sus males fisicos, en Anamnesis el centro del problema es la perdida de la memoria, carencia basica de la vejez.
Symptomatic meniscus tear can mostly be diagnosed during anamnesis of the patient.
Como una valoracion detallada del estado nutricional (datos de anamnesis, antropometria, determinaciones analiticas, etc.
La anamnesis reviste fundamental importancia durante la exploracion clinica, ya que la sintomatologia es muy variable y el conocimiento del habitat y habitos del animal, orientan hacia el diagnostico de esta enfermedad.