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Synonyms for anamnesis

the case history of a medical patient as recalled by the patient

the ability to recall past occurrences

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He has received an enhanced anamnesis, a remembrance of identity that exceeds his historical experience, a choir of personalities, and a set of unchanging words that demonstrate and exercise power.
Tests are more likely to reveal accurate results when evaluated with together with anamnesis [5, 11, 13, 37, 14].
Voegelin's meditations, for instance, provoked him to conduct the anamnetic experiments in Anamnesis.
Along with the anamnesis of a childhood intention of becoming an artist, it died the day my father axed my Fine Arts dream to kindlings
I then experienced a kind of anamnesis in which I heard the voices of adults in my Catholic school past encouraging the "offering up" of our small, professed Lenten sacrifices of giving up candy, being mean to brother/sister, talking back to mom/dad, meat on Fridays.
Take, for example, one homosexual informant's anamnesis from the turn of the century.
But O'Brien seems also to be attracted to Plato's promise of anamnesis and immortality (even if this recognition doesn't quite reach the rhapsodic intensity of Vaughan's "They are all gone into the world of light
They will be urged to replace forgetfulness with memory or, in more technical terms, to replace amnesia with anamnesis.
To define this philosophy Auden re-shapes the age-old material of the Divine Office which, in the course of a single day, represents the events of sacred history in the eternal now of liturgical anamnesis.
If, however, Scipio's dream is a straightforward Neoplatonic anamnesis, leading the soul back through the musical spheres toward its heavenly origins, Shakespeare's somnium calibanis is something else again.
By inverting it, the Platonist option of 1975 advertises Tabucchi's engagement on the Lacanian side (as does his elision in 1975 and 1988, but not 1997, of the crucial narrative, or temporal, dimension of the riddle's canonical version): contrary to Plato's anamnesis or recollection of eternal Ideas, Lacan, revising Freudian therapeutic practice as well as symptomatology with the assistance of Heideggerian hermeneutic ontology, writes of a "psychoanalytical anamnesis" envisaging future dislocations, inversions and re-structurings of the past's burdensome meanings for the present.
Memory is meant here in the sense of anamnesis, an effective remembering that makes something genuinely past to be present and active in the community today.
But memoria is even more: it is the anamnesis of the Mass, the fruit of monastic lectio divina, the basis of legal memory -- all subjects which still await treatment.
As the anamnesis was not taken in detail for all medications and side effects, it was found that the patient sought new treatment options for the same clinical condition.
According to the medical records, patients had cardiovascular disease in anamnesis (Table 1).