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Synonyms for anamnesis

the case history of a medical patient as recalled by the patient

the ability to recall past occurrences

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Dentre os outros tipos de avaliacoes mencionadas a anamnese (entrevista realizada com o cliente para coleta de informacoes) e a perimetria foram as mais frequentes, realizadas por seis e duas academias respectivamente.
Os responsaveis acreditam que por meio da aplicacao da anamnese adquirem informacoes suficientes para entender o risco associado a atividade fisica para os seus clientes.
The intellectual and practical interest of Tabucchi's anamneses lies in entering the intellectual space thus mis-recognized without naming it, to explore the libidinal and ethical cogencies of lived experience: his use of fiction reflects the impossibility of formalizing the binding symbolism of such experience into semiotic repertoires, or compartmentalizing it as the discursive formation of one among other intellectual or philosophical disciplines, and its correlative resistance to the easy analytical and political manipulations envisaged by semiology and il pensiero debole.
A careful review of the clinical anamneses revealed that the discrepant urines came from patients receiving replacement plasma therapy for hemodynamic instability.
Realizou-se um levantamento em julho de 2013, com dados retrospectivos arquivados em anamneses de alunos matriculados na academia entre 2012 a julho de 2013.