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  • verb

Synonyms for analyze

to separate into parts for study

to study closely or systematically

Synonyms for analyze

make a mathematical, chemical, or grammatical analysis of

break down into components or essential features

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Through an analysis of content, they developed a system to analyze knowledge building in social interaction, identifying five phases in the evolution of online discourse.
BlogPulse analyzes and ranks key issues, phrases and links found in each day's blog postings.
Suppliers such as Moldflow have created products such as MPI/Fusion that allow users to analyze 3D solid CAD models directly, without first creating a midplane manually.
Additionally, Moffat says that shavings are difficult to analyze with OES systems, because the instrument requires a solid sample in order to perform the analysis.
Further, you can easily import database data into Excel and then analyze them.
This means that a failure to make "reasonable efforts" in determining transfer pricing--the linchpin to imposing a transfer pricing penalty -- will be assumed unless a taxpayer analyzes and documents its transactions according to various categories of information "complete[ly] and accurate[ly] in all material respects." On the other hand, the legislation provides no positive standard for evaluating when compliance will necessarily be considered to be reasonable measured against this broad expectation.
As with the disease diagnosis system from the AMA, the expert system begins with an ideal situation, whether it is a body or manufacturing line, and analyzes the user's situation to determine at what point the user's situation differs from ideal--the breakdown point.
When you ask critical questions such as how an expanding community will affect the tree canopy, the software analyzes the benefits of the tree canopy and assigns it a value in dollars.
To further support investigative and intelligence efforts, the laboratory now analyzes and evaluates (on a monthly basis) trends in drug submissions for the current and previous year.
With this in-depth knowledge, the evaluator analyzes the product and user fit.
9) In the first three chapters of the book, "Almshouse Bodies," "Hospitalized Bodies" and "Villainous Bodies," Newman analyzes the records left by three of the institutions charged with this responsibility: the Philadelphia Almshouse, the Pennsylvania Hospital for the Sick Poor, and the Walnut Street Jail.
The SPC package allows users to monitor and control processes in real time, while GainSeeker Scrap Reduction analyzes quality-related statistical data with multi-level Pareto charts, for instance.
Next, the linguist analyzes the conversation, identifying such things as topics raised in the conversation, who raised them, and the responses to them.
Acknowledging that no method is free from representing some structures of ideology and power, using the discourse framework allows for the analysis to be a "form of participation with the very practices it analyzes" (Stillar 9).
She analyzes the young female writer of the 1950s, who wrote with a shocking sexual frankness and who was sometimes the creation of male publishers intent on bringing new marketing strategies to French publishing.