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examined carefully and methodically


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Starting from that work, Shotsberger (2001) analyzed synchronous dialogues in chat rooms by applying various categories: statement, beliefs, concerns, practice, wishes, intention, query, and result.
Of the 502 students who were case-managed in Year 1, data for the 415 students who had either reenrolled or dropped out of school on September 20, 2001 (the beginning of Year 2), were analyzed to determine whether certain counseling services were more likely to result in students reenrolling, and whether any group benefited more from the services.
Additional aliquots from six bottles of RM 8504, selected according to a stratified random sampling scheme, were analyzed by GC-ECD equipped with not only a DB-5 capillary column (described above) but also one with a relatively non-polar stationary phase (DB-XLB, J & W Scientific, Folsom, CA).
are now having urine samples from other similar agricultural areas analyzed using a confirmatory method, and that AM is no longer being routinely detected.
The reforms in the other countries analyzed in the book also conspire against women.
The GPS system fires the camera at pre-determined points, which can be plotted and created into a shape file for every single tree analyzed.
Our study analyzed data across multiple indicators of academic achievement, not simply the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).
If we are to learn from class analysis then we must discipline ourselves to apply the lessons of process, power, and individual agency, not in some abtract way that makes race, colonization or imperialism a distant and amorphous "cultural context", the wallpapered backdrop to the historical narrative, but in tracing how, when, where, and by whom racial and imperial processes have been reproduced through historical practices that can be documented and analyzed.
"The buildings had tremendous reserve capacity and that was reflected in all of the elements we analyzed," Levy said.
Alternatively, for some questions, don't know can be a legitimate response to be included in your instrument and analyzed as valid data.
Using the qualitative method of global evaluation, five books and five teaching software products were analyzed. As basis for the evaluation, six principles of good instruction were used.
The new data will then be analyzed by the individual machine and the results returned the next time the computer user connects to the Internet.
Characterization also analyzed mechanical properties of epoxy-vinyl ester (Young's modulus, Poisson's ratio and tensile stress along and across the fibers).
Some companies have discovered that CI has much to contribute to the practice of investor relations, where the perceptions of securities analysts about a company can be systematically audited and analyzed, from both primary sources (interviews with key analysts) and secondary sources (analyst reports and other documents), over a period of time.