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  • verb

Synonyms for analyze

to separate into parts for study

to study closely or systematically

Synonyms for analyze

make a mathematical, chemical, or grammatical analysis of

break down into components or essential features

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If you encounter weld problems or horn failures, FEA can be used to analyze horn integrity and assembly performance.
MoDOT intends to produce additional lab data to further analyze the HMA supplemented with tear-offRAS.
For example, our hypothetical hospital might choose to establish elective coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) as the baseline case to analyze. It would then analyze the processes involved in delivering an elective CABG, including:
* Smaller projects designed to develop novel techniques, such as strategies for mutagenesis, conditional gene expression, or for identifying new genes or mutants, as well as new tools to mine and analyze sequence data:
This software is tightly integrated with the SolidWorks 3D mechanical design software so that users can analyze designs without exporting data or leaving SolidWorks.
The next step is to create a dynamic report enabling us to analyze all these scenarios.
Intelliseek's BrandPulse Internet solution, used by more than 60 corporate clients and brands and receiving growing attention from industry analysts, finds and analyzes consumer-to-consumer discussion, or consumer-generated media (CGM), in publicly available online consumer message boards, discussion forums, and direct company feedback.
But we certainly can select, interpret, and analyze the "news they need" from the mountains of chaff out there.
With a trained staff of photographic interpreters to analyze stereo images on IMAX-type film, his company can measure tree heights, species, density, diameter distribution and its geographic co-ordinates in any given location.
Network administrators need testing technologies that can spawn heavy data traffic without hurting the network, and be able to analyze and report on how that traffic affects the network and its enterprise applications.
The many scientists researching HIV, liver disease and other subjects at the University of Washington can now use Spotfire Inc.'s DecisionSite(tm) software to combine and analyze data from laboratories all over the world in the quest for knowledge and cures.
NEPA's two components, 'sunshine' and 'reflection,' open agency decisions up to the public and force agencies to analyze significant environmental impacts before they act.
Thus when you analyze the health behaviors you have a built-in bias due to missing data.
Argumentative knowledge construction concerns the process within which learners identify arguments, analyze them, consider external circumstances (e.g., use of language), reason scientifically, and apply logic.
The survey indicates that a gap exists between the current access professional communicators actually have to CI and the access communicators need in order to analyze their company's competitive situation, the positioning and strategies of competitors and the overall business environment.