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  • verb

Synonyms for analyze

to separate into parts for study

to study closely or systematically

Synonyms for analyze

make a mathematical, chemical, or grammatical analysis of

break down into components or essential features

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First, the students in both groups were required to review and analyze case studies related to self-regulation issues many college students face.
This software is tightly integrated with the SolidWorks 3D mechanical design software so that users can analyze designs without exporting data or leaving SolidWorks.
One strategy is simply to ignore them and analyze the remaining data.
what are the exact elements your foundry needs the spectrometer to analyze and to what degree (how precise) do you need the analysis performed?
If so-and there's every indication that long-term care outcomes are a "hot topic," as managed care's interest grow -- nursing facilities can look forward to a whole series of new tools to help them analyze their performance compared to the overall market.
The new technique gives scientists the chance to analyze DNA of thousands of individual sperm, each with different genetic shufflings.
More Licensing Options - CiRBA now offers a departmental edition targeted at organizations that want to analyze for virtualization specifically and want to examine workload personalities only.
Seven survey items were also developed to better understand whether the portfolio experience improved any of the following aspects of self-directed learning: self understanding, ability to be responsible for own learning, tolerance of risk, ambiguity and complexity in learning, efforts to analyze own professional practices, ability to critically analyze own work, number of medical discussions with colleagues, and number of self-study hours.
These machines could analyze several elements in minutes.
Analyze geographic concepts such as migration, settlement patterns, and the distribution of natural resources across region, physical systems, and human systems to determine their influence on the historical development of the U.
In these sections, we analyze data from the Simmons National Consumer Survey (NCS) and the Simmons National Hispanic Consumer Survey (NHCS), as well as results from its own exclusive custom research.
Analyze energy transformations in the earth system; examine how natural history provides evidence of change.
The Netezza Performance Server System Allows Red Cross to Analyze Chapter Volunteer Data and Plan and Allocate Resources for Chapters, Service Areas and National Headquarters
Customers have been looking for ways to efficiently analyze their mission-critical revenue data and Softrax BI is the answer.