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  • verb

Synonyms for analyze

to separate into parts for study

to study closely or systematically

Synonyms for analyze

make a mathematical, chemical, or grammatical analysis of

break down into components or essential features

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During the time domain analyzation, the PV side DC-DC converter is about to operate under MPPT mode in order to achieve maximum power extracts from the solar panel and the GS-VSC is committed to control the DC capacitor terminal voltage.
The other studies measured the amount of EPI with echocardiography [14, 15], while we used the gold standard, the cardiac magnetic resonance imaging, for the analyzation of PERI [29].
In this way, the state transition between engaged gears and gear switching operations is sharpened and clearly exposed for analyzation. Although, this method causes the confidence interval around the speed graph of the experimental data to grow more with the time, but sharpens the average graph of the longitudinal acceleration, which is the more relevant metric for validation.
Analyzation to the different type of loads was done according to the set of questionnaire.
Peng, The Analyzation of Middle-Late Proterozoic Hydrocarbon Geologic Feature and Exploration Potential in Hangjinqi Area, Northwest University, Xian, China, 2009.
In plausible EEG decomposition [29], the key role is the effectiveness in analyzation, enhancement, and synthetization of signal properties, including the nonlinear and nonstationary changes.
For the evaluation the magnetooptic analyzation device "MiniMo" (Matesy GmbH, Jena) with the sensor type B is used.
This approach enables microstructure characterization, analyzation and mechanical testing unlike FEM simulations.
Eventually, relevant articles were reviewed and sorted for final analyzation. Figure 1 represents the flow diagram for searching and extracting data (between 1982 and February 2017).
In comparison to the random method, the Monte Carlo method in the Monte Carlo Enhanced PSO can calculate the probability of initial particles' elements and form better initial particles, but there was no analyzation of the improvement mechanism to optimize the initial particle swarm [48].
Yang, "The analyzation on the syndrome differentiation of traditional chinese medicine constitution in the elderly population of the chaoyang district sanlitun community of Beijing," Guangming Journal of Chinese Medicine, vol.
Table 2: Descriptive statistics of organic matter (OM) obtained by loss on ignition (LOI) and soil organic carbon (SOC) obtained by gas analyzation for the 0-10 cm layer.
A cell (leukocyte/platelet), stationary for at least 30 seconds (consecutive) of the one-minute recording analyzation, was considered adherent.